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  1. Sorry if I'm being confusing, Its more a question on how is this done not being given an actual script for this. =)
  2. I don't script but I have a person who knows how to script. His only issue with making this work was he doesn't know exactly how to bridge the stream to a prim. . It wasn't something I was hoping to employ for it was more a question to help him figure it out. Thats why I posted here and not on the employment forums. If I have to do that later im all for that but this is more a question of what is this missing bridge. He basically wants to know if there is a way to read it using LSL or if he has to write it outside of SL.
  3. I appreciate all the comments so far, I should prolly clarify some. I have control of my stream which would be Shoutcast, I was also talking about songs that specifically are named "Rain" or "Sun" No other varients would be in there for song titles. I also have the rain im using for it that I made. The part that I need to be able to do is have the prims or single prim that can activate the other ones to listening to the stream name to either be transparent or opaque.
  4. I don't really do scripting but I am a decorator. For personal use on my land I would like to use my audio stream to trigger prims to change from transparent to opaque and vice-versa through listening to the song name on an audio stream. For instance I will have animated rain textures that are placed all around that when the song says Storm or rain it will appear and when it says sunny it will disappear. Is there a way I can accomplish this? Thanks in advance for any help Note: This is something I would like to be just very simple as far as scripts go just doing the function I said. It doesn't need to do anything else
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