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    a land question

    I did think of that also, Faubio. Do you think it is a better way to approach this? What would you consider for size if it were land based? Message was edited by Storm: sends a thank you to Faubio.
  2. I would appreciate any advice that can be offered.  I tried surfing around for the information, but fell a little short.  I want to purchase a parcel of land (wonders if size has any relevance to answer.) on mainland.  I would set up a group for the land and allow access to people (who may not be able to afford a quiet sandbox) to use for creating (sandbox.)  Is it possible to 'rope-off' the area so creators will not be bothered by people who are griefing?    I understand ban lines and security orbs, etc.  If the land is 1024sqm, can someone stand on the perimeter and grief?  Are there any solutions to absolutely restrict griefers from interfering. I feel like I should know the answer, but I am not quite sure.
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