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  1. From the terminal you need to run ./firestorm/firestorm You should also have a Linux Apps icon group on your desktop and firestorm should be in there.
  2. Yep. I'm running it myself.
  3. If you enable the Linux beta on a Chromebook, you can install the Linux Firestorm client. The key thing is to unpack in your Linux home directory, not the default Downloads directory. Once you've done that, it will run. If you get an error about a failed media plugin, you also need to install the Linux chromium browser to enable the Flash libraries that are missing.
  4. Firestorm viewer will run in the Linux Beta environment on a Chromebook.
  5. Confirmed. Firestorm viewer will run acceptably in the Linux Beta environment on a Chromebook. You just need to be sure to unpack the tarball in your home directory, not in the default Downloads directory (where it can't make symlinks) and install the linux chromium browser if you don't want the media plugin to crash. It's running quite happily on my Lenovo C341 right now.
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