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  1. Same thing here... [09:24] Second Life: Cannot create requested inventory. So its common problem today... And I thought it was just me...
  2. I got the same mail and I'm glad to know not just me :-))) Not sure if its spam or not to be honest because it appears to me its from LL.. We won't know.... Best thing if someone from LL replies to this so we see..
  3. As the others said its not just you.. I have already commented on the Jira link mentioned by Nalates. And its really annoying cuz I keep switching between viewers just to save the attachement. :matte-motes-crying: Hope its fixed soon :smileyhappy:
  4. All you need to do is to contact the owner with a notecard inworld.. Detailing the transaction History and mentioning the failure of delivery.. It could take time if the creator/owner doesn't log in but you must try it :-))
  5. I have completely removed SL and reinstall it again and the problem still appearing. Really annoying =(( I have installed the Beta 2.6.8 and IMers pics appear YAY.. It's buggy a bit but I prefer it buggy rather than this black square
  6. I have the same issue. No photo is showing when I get IMs. Just black picture with a gray dot. Even after reloging, clearing the cache and several tzilion relogs still not showing... :womansad:
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