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  1. We all have some favorite music, but what song(s) remind you the most of either your own vampire character or vampires in general! Mine of course are Gerald McMann - Cry Little Sister and Concrete Blonde: Bloodletting What are yours? Tai
  2. So many to choose from, let me know who your favorite vampire character is!
  3. Hi Caitlin! My bad, using terminology that hard core players use: Lore means - type of fictional history, such a Count Dracula, or Ann Rice novels. This is how they determine their vampires are..that is lore VTM is Vampire the Masquerade which is a Role playing Game distributed by White wolf, though it's been out of 'print' for a long while WOD is - World of Darkness - that is also by White Wolf and it encompasses their entire supernatural RPG's (role playing Games) Great questions!
  4. Ravenhurst has a history with VTM and we do use bits and pieces from VTM for our character types! Many of our players were long time WOD players! I do believe there is twilight fans out there, for the vampire lore, they just feel pushed into keeping quite about being so Tai
  5. If you roleplay or even if you are just a fan of vampires and vampire lore..what is your favorite lore. Are you a tried and true 'dracula' fan? Maybe you prefer the RPG gaming formats such as White Wolf's World of Darkness? Maybe Ann Rice novels? Could be you are a new 'vampire' fan and you like the Twilight vampires.. Let me know what is your favorite and feel free to ask me any questions about vampire lore either in general or what Ravenhurst draws from for their vampire character types!
  6. Explore, explore, explore! You have to find the right fit for you and what your interests are. Is it role-playing, 100 percent immersive (which ours is) or a more casual, club/dancing/hangout — or do you like modern, medieval, futuristic? The choices really are endless in SL, so you have to explore to find that right look, feel and the people that you have the most in common with. What do you think your sim will look like this time next year? Our sim has changed so much over the three years that we have been running it. I’m very blessed to have three partners (Sho Flanagan, Tabbie Blackthorn and Sadler Lytton) in this endeavor so we have sort of gone through a few renditions of the sim. We originally started as a medieval, supernatural sim, then we changed to a modern urban sim, completely based in a World of Darkness RPG setting for a year — very high-rise, yet “Bostononian” feel to it, and now we have gone to a modern, rustic/rural theme that could be the Pacific Northwest or New England coast; it is more loosely based on many different genres and fiction about supernaturals. Next year I think there is a leaning to have it a bigger location, perhaps on two sims and maybe a little more “big city” but still keep the woods and mountains as a large part of the sims, but the format will likely stay the same for the game. What is the biggest misconception about the Second Life Vampire community? That it is all Gothic or pyramid biting scheme games, or just sexual/biting — there is so much more than that in SL but sadly some have preconceived notions about what is out there. Some fun on the sim! Trouble in the diner: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shiita/6157374735/in/pool-1030077@N22 Trouble comes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mycaling/6018115657/in/pool-1030077@N22
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