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  1. Gorgeous work Max. May I ask what the tri polycount is for your beautiful mesh avatars ?
  2. @Charlar, It's interesting to observe that you are asking people to show their mesh goodies. There has been more than 300 views but only 4 generous kind people have shown their stuff. I wonder why this is ? Is it because not many people are interested in mesh ? Nope don't think so Personally I am loving mesh but I won't be showing my mesh goodies. This is a commercial environment and very competative and I'm not sure how astute it would be to show my wonderous, better than prims or sculpty meshes. With all the bandits, pirates and copycats lurking, I'd show my 'Fu Fu' before I'd show
  3. @Ishtara, If you write a doculment in MS Word, yes the document belongs to you. But that's NOT the Speedtree license. MS Word is not Speedtree ... The trees you create in Speedtree are licensed for use in named projects and applications only. You do not own the trees you create in Speedtree. You are licensed to use them for very specific purposes Perhaps if the OP is a licensed Speedtree user, there may be a case for legal import if they had a project name and sims for that project, to rez them on. But they would only be licensed to use them for that project and on those particular sims o
  4. @Stardust I think you probably have breached Speedtree's license by importing unlicensed Speedtree content in to Secondlife. Perhaps you should go do Charlar Linden's mesh IP questionaire ! https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/​mesh-landing.php, Even if you bought a Speetree license you would not be licensed to distribute or sell Speedtree content in SL. Speedtree is licensed for applications and games not licensed for individuals to re-sell/distribute Speedtree intellectual property
  5. I've always admired the Speedtree plants in 3D games, but these 2 examples look pretty goofy and fuggly and certainly not a good examples of what Speetree is capable of. Also the Acaccia's was only 9m tall and had a PE of 1906. Yes that's right 1906 prim ! And the Pine tree was 16m tall, very small for a Pine tree and that came in at a whopping PE of 2329 So you could have one of each of these on a Homestead and bust your prim limit. Ok yes I know they're not optimized but if you did optimize them as much you you'd need to they would probably start looking really horrid and still the PE w
  6. "Mesh doesn't have to be equal to sculpts in cost " Agreed "But it does need to be in a reasonable range compared to sculpts. " Agreed Unfortunatley, large objects like castles, large houses, giant rocks, waterfalls, large trees etc will not have the benefit of mesh as the PE for these objects is far too high. It can often be 100 to 1 compared to sculpties. So what would be a 3 prim giant waterfall as a sculpty could be 300 prims as mesh. I do hope that we see more reasonable PE for large objects very soon so that all areas see the benefit of mesh
  7. Bravo Arton, 7606 with some internal furniture is already a very economical model and a superb example of low polygon mesh modeling. It is absurd that it's PE is 95 prims without physics and 165 prims with physics is an absolutely insane prim count. The point is that 1 sculpty = 2048 tri polygons, so your lovely boat model is equal to less than 4 sculpties - tri polycount wise And yes, I'd say the railings are necessary. What if people were to fall off into the water and weren't wearing their Swimmer or a life jacket !! Safety first ! I have to repeat this again. Arton's 165 prim boat mesh
  8. WTF indeed ! 168 prims for a small boat (very nice boat). Even 95 prims is a very high PE Arton, may I ask how may tri polygons your boat is ?
  9. hey Gaia, I really don't think anything 10m or smaller could be described as a medium sized object. 10m is a small object. Medium sized objects start at about 40m and large would be 60m + In my tests for buiding furniture and other small objects , less than 10m, sculpties are still winning hands down for prim costs. Sculpties should not be winning over mesh in any size range, it makes mesh pretty pointless, except for AV products
  10. the problem is that low poly optimized meshes are been given very high PE if they are large objects, even though they have WAY less tri polys than equivelant sculpty giant objects. Sculpties should never have been given their 1 prim status, that's plainly obvious now.
  11. PE has to go up because sculpties are bad so mesh has to be punished for being good
  12. Proper use of mesh can produce models such as jewellery, clothes, hair, shoes attachments of all kinds that have far less tri polygons than any sculpty on this planet. Sculpty jewellery, shoes and so on are causing the deep lag that happens when several decked out AVs congregate together. Sculpties are causing lag. Economical, optimized mesh modeling can be 10 times more efficient than the equivelant sculpties. Sculpties almost always have tons of tri polys that are not being used efficiently. Death to the lag monster sculpties. It's only the current bizarre and inflated mesh PEs that are
  13. I'm really excited about mesh. I want it to work. Prim Equivelant calculations are the most important thing from a creators point of view. It's a make or break thing. If PE is too high everything goes topsy turvy and we won't be able to use mesh fully. PE is all important. With any luck what we're seeing now on the sandbox mesh sims is a broken, temporary situation that will be fixed.
  14. it's a great workflow if you're too cheap to fork out for professional tools
  15. Sketch up is fantastic for beginners who want to do Mesh for SL. And it's easy to build in Sketchup then import the model to Blender to export it for SL. I've been looking forward to mesh since it was announced but the PE count is so primmy on medium to large mesh objects, I agree that mesh is crippled or only half alive with the dreaded mesh PE calculations
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