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  1. So just to be clear... if you are currently premium, and say it renews in September, and you pay the additional year now, does it add a year starting from now or does it add the year on AFTER when your current cycle ends in September? Also, is there going to be any increase in the weekly allotment of Lindens we get? I always thought it was pretty fair and almost evened out. Never really needed my free house because I have land. But now it seems that may not be the case much longer.
  2. Found one on my houseboat sim today at Menagerie. The Bellisseria ghosts are multiplying.
  3. If anyone would like me to make you a simple texture of a house number to put by the front door on your house or houseboat in Bellisseria let me know. It's nothing fancy but I think it is a neat touch to add on. You can see the number texture at my houseboat (look next to the front door outside) at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Menagerie/133/4/23. It will look exactly like that. Pretty simple. Just a plain, flat, transparent texture. I will need you to stand outside, on your parcel, directly in front of your front door, copy the SLURL, and give it to me either in here or message
  4. You got an amazing location Ruslana! Job well done on your houseboat. Love the rustic decor and the artwork is sooo pretty!
  5. Thanks for the tip Thomas! I will look into that. And thank you everyone for the compliments on the house
  6. Update: Seems I am always a day late and a dollar short. There is a parade of homes maintained by Script Alchemi and there is a post about it on the following link. Contact him in world if you want your home added to their list. Didn't realize it before making this post but I am glad someone let me know about it! If you're interested, here is a link to my place if you want to drop in and take a peek. Feel free to tell me what you think, love it or hate it. Bring warm cookies, or baked breads, or something equally yummy. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Menagerie/133/3/22
  7. Thanks for the video. I think that is officially the weirdest thing I will see today but I liked it
  8. Agree on the why. Good explanation on the LOD issues too. Although anymore if you don't have a good computer then SL is extremely difficult to do much in. Most people who have an older or lower quality computer will not enjoy SL as much as they should, and if it is that bad likely won't stay because all they ever do is lag, freeze, or crash. It's pointless for them. I think LL would be better off going with less primmy stuff and design for the new here and now rather than for the old ways. My thoughts on it anyway.
  9. It's a unique idea and I am always for anything unique. I think if that was the way the whole area would be it would be neat. No land under it just sim water. Even a little higher up like in the 300-500 range maybe so it is more sky than water. My only negative thought would be that it would be more prim heavy for them to create. My RL husband would be all for a cave in the ground. There is another thought to add in somewhere else. I'm easily picturing him as a little hermit. Somehow the thought of sticking him into a cave isn't terribly unappealing. Is that wrong? lol
  10. It's a pretty cool spot. I have nice neighbors so far that I have met. Hopefully people will stay active after the newness wears off. I see a lot of people active in the water as well. The spot is one that is turned horizontal toward the water which I prefer and it is on an end. I would have rather it was along the land edge instead of in this giant cluster of boat stalls out in the ocean though. I am really hoping that LL doesn't start to turn things into crammed clusters of mess again. Seemed like when the old premium houses started out they were all around parks or nicer areas then just wen
  11. Well that's pretty awesome Guess I'm on the block with the cool kids LOL .... I better straighten up!
  12. No, it is another Linden but their profile says they are an employee.
  13. No, it is on Menagerie. Great name! Not complaining at all personally. I miss the days when the Lindens mingled among us! It is an actual houseboat plot. The one right next to me.
  14. I am seeing that several of the plots around me say they are owned by Lindens. This seems odd to me. Are the Lindens going to be intermingling with us again like in the old days? Or are these plots that are released here and there? Hmmmmmm
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