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  1. Some time ago I was very critical with the "GoH players".  It was just something I didn't understand, let's say I didn't make many friends in this thread due to my comments, but all that's already past.   Each person can spend their money as they want... Luckily and after many attemps with my only Premium account, I got my Victorian LM in the location that I liked, coastal and with sea.   

    I still following this thread by curiosity, but I'm negatively surprised about those supposed fraudulent  LH trading,  and much more of threats to other players to leave their LH.  If true I think this has reached very dangerous levels, I think most of us play Second Life to get a positive experience and not to be harassed or threatened in that way.    I agree that this issue is not the subject of the thread, any of the above behaviors must be reported to Linden.


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  2. On 7/16/2020 at 9:59 PM, Aisleyne said:

    It's much more than 5 homes it's closer to 20!!

    I have LM's and screenshots.  It's not even something that took up much time as people started contacting me in world after I started posting on here and sharing that these people had houses on regions they lived on, or they'd been house hunting and came across their properties... as they are pretty distinctive.



    If you have verifiable evidence of what you are declaring here, you should report to Linden, because it seems a clear breach of the Linden Houses Terms of Service. These  homes can't be transferred or rented noways.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

    I have never seen any rule against it. These displays just let me know who to avoid, so I usually just make a note, derender/block and move on. ;) 

    Yes that may be the best way, derender and add it to the viewer blacklist.

  4. Finally I got one of my favourite Vic's location, with a front ocean view over a hill.  Incredibly someone abandoned this home, because the sim is not a new release and the plot had a photo in the land properties.   It's  just what I had been looking for weeks.

    I don't know who was the previous owner, but thanks :) 


    Sin título-1.jpg



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  5. 6 hours ago, Chloe Dolores said:

    I understand this has no water in immediate surrounding but it is a stones throw from the sea and has the beautiful station/post office and lookout area across the road. I experimented with it yesterday to see who felt it desirable seems a couple of new owners did not and now it is mine again. I like it here there is a sense of people coming in and out on the train not just an empty line. Reminds me of the Victorian seaside towns here in the UK...



    Seems a nice home, It's is built with style and  reminds RL, certainly worth keeping  it.  Logically there will be some who love it and others not so, depending on what kind of home and environment were they searching for.

    I've been looking a Victorian home as close as possible to the sea, in shoreline or with ocean overlooking.  Like almost everyone here, I spent weeks trying and I think I finally found one that suits me: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ingram/149/145/23

    Let me post a few recently snapshots 😉

    Sand, grass, sea views, the train track...




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  6. 3 hours ago, Raspberry Crystal said:

    As most of us are in SL for fun and don't keep extensive admin records it's hard to know at times what has happened with regard to potential re-offending unless you live opposite the perpetrator and are online a lot.

    I know that I have seen a half built wonky low slung sky platform weeks and weeks after I reported it, surely that person didn't love that thing enough to re-rez.. and yet other similar things vanish within a few days, maybe not even as a result of an AR. I could understand the governance team not wanting to give away too much because it could open up chances for exploitation, but some sort of idea of timescales would be really handy, even if it is 'somewhere between two days and three weeks depending on the issue and backlog'.

    Sometimes annoying object problems are solved simply by contacting their owner, and having a good and friendly conversation about the issue. There are people who simply make mistakes due to their ignorance, even could be items that were accidentally misplaced when they tried to rezz them into the homes, or simply they were forgotten

    I agree with you that we can't  AR in the first minute after seeing the wrong item/s, obviously a friendly solution avoids to fill and send an AR's,   that should be the last option, if in a "reasonable time" they ignore their responsibility or answer you rudely or aggressively.

    But I also put myself in place of those who, after obtaining their ideal home, have to live there with the visual aggression clearly against the LH rules, and of an unfortunate aesthetic.  As I said previously, my Linden Home isn't my main residence but I want to keep it as a pleasant place to visit with friends, and it’s disappointing if it’s going to turn into the classic mainland dumpster.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Alyona Su said:

    Note that the world map is updated every Tuesday and Thursday, though I'm not sure about Saturdays or at what time on the clock.

    Generally-speaking, some AR's must take weeks. I AR'd a traditional clearly out-of-theme (and garish) near my very first. Twice (the second time after a week) - I decided to move out a month after I moved in. Either they've always had a massive back-log or sometimes they just wave it off and move on.

    I hope than  the "generic" solution that Linden provides to ARs related to clearly inappropriate content isn't only "leave the home and look elsewhere for a new one".  That would be very unfair to residents who really like their homes and want to keep them in their current place.

  8. 4 hours ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    quite simple .. fást action and minimal tollerance on freedom in the covenant.
    It will keep fait in the company and the LH regions livable.
    Since some months there's a gliding scale down. Birth of mainland 2.0 is already some time ago, question is, does LL take it off lifesupport or let it spread and ruin everything.
    The way LL handeled most things in the past make me fear worst. They'r pretty good in dropping rules on residents and bad in maintaining it. "we need your help" reporting it.. but as it is already, people getting houses assigned and leave instantly when getting such neighbours, because they know already it takes ages before it's solved.

    I want to think that Linden will do something more tan says "we need your help",  obviously we have the option to report but I don't want to be a Linden cop sincerelly, I don't work for them.  In addition, the AR reports will grow proportionally to the number of the released Linden Homes, and could be huge in a few months, that means more waiting time to solve them properly, probably because will be consider them as low priority.

    As I said in a previous message, Linden will be dedicating many resources to Bellisseria, I hope that the monitoring of wrong content against the rules be much more effective than the classic mainland.  Maybe they should have special staff for it, it's just a suggestion.

  9. 4 hours ago, Raspberry Crystal said:

    It seems to me that 'covenant enforcement' is the business that LL are moving into right now, or at least one of the threads of their new business model They have become more like property landlords and less like land leaseholders who just get their money whatever happens.

    When someone misbehaves in a houseboat they ruin the experience for a lot of other surrounding plot-holders. Some of the mess seems to be created by very casual users who have butterflied off elsewhere after their five minutes of dumping something which turned out not to work very well. This kind of stuff needs a big broom (or snow shovel) and that's just down to staffing levels. (photobooths balanced on HB roofs really grind my gears as well)

    However, some of the problems though are to do with the theme itself. I really don't like palm trees growing in 2" of wooden deck over sea-water. Much as I love horses, real and virtual, they don't look right in any of the current Belli theme styles. Thick snow is completely jarring to the eye.

     If there was a tropical theme, a country farm theme and a mountain snowland then some of those people, who are looking for community life in SL could find a more suitable space to express themselves. We only have four themes to go, but if the team can come up with a careful mix which covers the broadest popular wishes then hopefully that will let the steam out of some of the inappropriate restyling as premium members try to adapt homes to suit themselves.

    That will then concentrate resources on tackling the careless or vindictive spoiling of our beautiful landscape.


    Personally I think that Linden is dedicating many technical resources to build Bellisseria and preserve this special aesthetic, and not to becoming a new crap container as the classic mainland that we all know.    I understand that each person has their own particular "decoration" style, and likes certain kinds of things, but we don't talk about interior decoration.   

    The aesthetic nonsense that we've seen repeatedly harms the entire neighborhood that has to live by its side.  Of course, there is always the option to move, but what happens if your current Linden Home is the one you had always dreamed of?  Why do you have to abandon it up because someone simply ignores the rules of behavior in Bellisseria?

    I've decided to get a Linden Home just to enjoy the landscape and views of these sims, It's not my usual residence, but it's sad to see how other people converts an high quality creation into a dumpster.  

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  10. 5 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    I took a second more thorough look at that picture -- Is that truly 2 plots done the same way with that brick building and pad (whatever you call it)

    I'm also taking a second look of the photo, seems two homes… may be an alt, who knows.  But I have another doubts… where are the original boat houses?

  11. 2 minutes ago, Pussycat Catnap said:

    Holy F on a stick Batman...








    The only justification is that most of these owners have the "classic  way of thinking" about mainlands ("I pay my tiers and do what I want), and they don't understand what's Bellisseria, nor the rules.

  12. 38 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:



    another one around the corner



    It's  incredible the aesthetic destruction that's appearing in the boat houses, they were never my favorites even located in open seas for sail, but this is simply grotesque.  They destry Moles work and torture neighbors with that disaster.

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  13. On 1/1/2020 at 10:58 PM, Kylie Sabra said:

    I live in Bellasaria and my house sits right on the tracks.  I've followed the tracks in both directions and it does end--for now. I'm on one of the brand new sections. I suspect it will ultimate join to the rest of the tracks. One day I saw a phantom car that appeared to be layout the pathway.  I am excited about it. Especially living right next to it. I have high hopes actually.  The depots and the switching stations that are being built are beautiful and intricate. I can't believe the actual train would be anything less.  

    My current Victorian has the rails aside, and would be cool to see the train there someday.




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  14. On 1/23/2020 at 12:31 AM, Mitch Merricks said:

    I'm guessing this blog wasn't created to make fun of people & make them feel bad.  I hope it stays Light & Funny, with a dash of curious oddities found. Adding some  "maybe that's a problem?" throw in;  avoiding the Fashion Police & perceived Décor Violation finger pointing.  I suspect most poster's here get that.

    I  agree with Mz. CatNap:  constructive conversation can help us all grow.  Some posts have enlightened me about what is subjective, along with what is ok and isn't ( anchor prim conversation comes to mind). 

    And some things are just funny.  When you look at an open door or a back yard, sometimes  it can be an OMG followed by a big belly laugh. 

    Caption this?   Noticed it during a drive by.  Remodeling?  Maybe a new frat house moving in.  




    LOL, that seems a drug dealer home...   only needs some graffitis on the walls and random garbage bags thrown to the ground.  And maybe a corpse, as a final decoration.

    Seriously, although we can decorate our homes as we know, something like that ruins our experience as neighbor. I think that if I had that neighbor, I would leave the home in less than a minute.

  15. On 1/13/2020 at 12:41 AM, LittleMe Jewell said:

    My newest neighbor, who apparently believes that parcel boundaries do not apply to them - half of the large boat is outside the parcel boundaries.




    And this, back behind me, I just don't understand.  


    The second one...  lol, must hate the water, but I also don't understand the meaning of own a house boat and covering the sea... wanna build a second home?, is that a tennis field?


  16. On 1/10/2020 at 1:48 PM, Atina0 said:

    i guess its  all a matter of taste   ,my new backneighbour 



    Seems that someone's moving truck suddenly exploded and went there over the roof...

    Or maybe your neighbor is another one of those magnificent creative geniuses who wants to add a special detail to his/her home.

  17. On 1/9/2020 at 7:18 PM, TVTuner said:

    Indeed.  There is a lot of "Mainland" available where this sort of hooliganism is permitted, even encouraged.  Why don't they go there?

    Just because they're very generous people who want to share their immense creativity and excellent decorative skills with the rest of Bellisseria residents.   The Linden Home rules are simply for others, they have immunity to make our eyes bleed ...

  18. 6 minutes ago, Mitch Merricks said:

    It's a fantastic area with beautiful neighborhoods both up the tracks, by the sea and lake!  Great fun to explore.

    Yes, I'll give it a chance, let's say it has a bit of everything I would like:  a mixture of grass and sand, ocean view not too far, the road and of course the train track.   May be fun to ride a bike there

    By the way, is there a train running or is it only decoration?:)

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