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  1. Does anyone know if u can have a Skybox in Horizons? If so, any rules to placement of same?
  2. Thanks, Kaluura! You're right - it's not pretty! - but it tells me how many avatars are online. (Wish it were still on the login page, though!)
  3. Part of the fun for me with SL was when I first brought up the viewer & it showed how many were currently logged inworld. I've been using the Firestorm Beta viewer for the last few months & really liked it, but when I saw that Linden Lab had a new version of their viewer I tried it. The pretty opening graphics was gone as was the count of online users. Then Phoenix released their newest Firestorm version, and it too is missing the count of online users. Does anyone else miss seeing this information? Or is there somewhere else that I can find it? Thanks! :)
  4. @Taylor2018 - Also, you might need to be logged on as Administrator (if you're not already).
  5. @Taylor2018 - don't delete those others! (At least not without someone who knows what they're doing telling you to delete them)! I'm not an expert by any means - I just found the above solution in another thread and on the JIRA trouble ticket. If you are getting the exact same message as I did when trying to login using the newer versions of the SL Viewer, and don't have a winmm.dll file in the SecondLife directory, then you should try to contact Linden Lab. OH! I just had a thought. If you're looking for the file in folder view you may need to change your settings so that certain file types aren't hidden from view. Do you see ANY .dll files listed, or just not the winmm.dll file?
  6. Woo Hoo! Tried it today and it worked for me too! Below is another copy/paste with the same solution, but it asks you to go to a JIRA & let them know whether it solved your problem or not (so they can fix the problem in the next release I'd imagine): ------------ (Following is from another thread, solution posted by Cummere Mayo) Look in your second life install directory for the file winmm.dll delete that file. try starting second life. if it works please comment on https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-1088 if it doesnt work please comment on https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-1088 Good luck!
  7. I might have found the solution in another thread (which I'd link to if I knew how, but I don't know how to do it so I'm copy/pasting the solution here). I haven't tried it yet (I'm not on the computer that has the problem) but other folks in the thread said it fixed the problem for them. --------------------------- SOLUTION (copied from another thread): When you install your viewer in directory where installed, usually C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer2\ there will be file called winmm.dll. In my case that was the file causing trouble and when I have deleted it, viewer started to load and work correctly. Apparently file is responsible for some sound and joystick functions, but there is one in your system32 directory so this one can be deleted. Hope it will work for rest of you with same problem
  8. The same thing happened to me today. I've been using Viewer 2 with no problems until today when I downloaded the latest version. After the download was completed it asked if I wanted to start the viewer & I clicked OK. That's when I got the same error that Zarido got. I completely un-installed the SecondLife Viewer & re-downloaded it - same error. I am unable to get into my SL with the SL Viewer on this computer. I don't have any other viewers on this computer. I contacted Linden Lab via Live Chat & mid-way, after I'd 'talked' with the rep & explained the problem, the rep never got back to me. I'll try live chat again tomorrow - maybe there is a compatibility 'bug' they didn't run across in beta testing?
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