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  1. That underwater garden is inspiring, I may do somethign with mine once I get one.. super pretty is it 🧑😊
  2. I hope people get around to decorate and enjoy their new houses ☺️ I know I will be once I get mine 🧑
  3. they are working on new house I think the houseboats first https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/435708-the-new-linden-homes-update-post/ I am also waiting - that link is where they told us they will post when new houses are available as I understood it 😊
  4. yesterday I saw a guy striking haha. Just ran around butt naked not being nasty or anything πŸ˜‚
  5. I seen there is made ready for new land, I seen the beginning of houseboat docks, we know they are working on this. So instead of being negative. Use the time to explore Bellisseria - get to know other people there. Plan how you want your new home to be. It is happening, we just have to wait until they are ready 😊
  6. I adore the small airstrips - I sat there an hour or so tonight watching planes and helicopters take off and land..together with some other people. Everyone had a good time..and there was boats driving by both smaller and bigger and none had any issue getting by..its just like a small island in the ocean... we got those in RL also πŸ˜„
  7. hihime to Barbie, atm I live on the beaches waiting for my spot 🧑
  8. hanging out at the airstrip outside Coral Waters ☺️
  9. Oh this sound like a lot of fun 😊 and I am in europe timezone
  10. I have not gotten my place either yet, I messed up my first try so now i have to wait. What I do is explore the new sims.. looking at all the creativety everyone shows, saying hello to people I meet and so on. On my platform I have I plan out how I want my new place to look, checking prim count etc. Yes so we have to wait a little longer, but it do not mean we have to sit around being sad ☺️
  11. Been out exploring and now relaxing while I keep an eye on the new sim's πŸ˜‚
  12. I see new spots for houseboats on land where it say linden home is comming soon. I hope hope hope we get them soon, I want a home πŸ˜„
  13. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/435708-the-new-linden-homes-update-post/ if you follow that post it is supose to let us now when. we are many waiting and trying be patient lol I been wandering around and looking at the neighboorhods while waiting, and tried to plan how to use my 351 prims hehe.
  14. I have seen some of these tall walls of prims, it does not look pretty in my opinion and I do not understand the reason for them. One of the reasons to live in the Linden Home neighborhoods I thought, is to interact and meet other people. So why would you block them out? and one of the walls I saw did not even have a gate where the mailbox where, it was just a wall.. not exaxtly in theme either I think. Anyways just my thoughts about the prims walls
  15. Botanical have some nice low prim sunflowers πŸ™‚ but as I am writing that I am standing at this gacha machine Chic haha
  16. I am going to get a animesh baby also, so will have to save some prims for that - and I love how you made so much out of it and really not used that many prims Rae, good job..really I love this thread seeing the creativety and I am excited to be having real neighbors soon 😊
  17. Ohh Blush I plan use the Adam house when I get one, a bath addon is perfect πŸ˜„
  18. haha I been refreshing for a couple days..everytime I seen a new one I am to slow πŸ˜‚ but I see linden lab has tons of posters in Bellisseria so I hope hope that within a few days we get a lot more houses released 😍
  19. ooh I got that bike, I had not unboxed it yet. Thought it was a decor item! this is great. Now i wont need a car hehe.. thank you for beautiful pics also ...Love love love this new world 🧑
  20. I do not have a house yet, but I use my platform where i live to test out what will work and not :) I think I will do ok with the prim count, and I also love to have some clutter. It is a challenge to see how much I can do for that amount of prims
  21. Hello everyone :) due to a minor opsie by myself I ended up homeless in Bellisseria and thought omg I am going to be so sad waiting for my new home, waiting and waiting. But then I started to read this forum, and started to walk around the neighborhoods made by Lindens ( thank you guys such great work ) and reading what people experiences, looking at houses and photos and just experiencing the area as a "hobo" I can not wait til I get my own place here! But the life as an hobo is not so bad. Thank you for all the public places to hang and also you guys that opened your homes and made something for all to enjoy, thank you β™₯
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