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  1. this round its houseboats, but they are working on traditional houses and different styles also
  2. Oh that would be perfect if they did
  3. omg what happend while I sleept ..omg omg I am excited now! and it look so cute ...and that bar haha I almost spit my coffe, that is priceless - love it Moles and Lindens, how cool area ❤️
  4. I hope this week ☺️ but I understand it is not easy for them to give us more exact info, than follow this thread
  5. I understand why people make new posts about the same topic. Because every single post I seen end up in people arguing back and forth if it is OK to ask about updates or not, and also people get atacket for whining just because they ask questions. Lot of negative stuff in these treads that is not nessesary.. Let people ask what ever they want to ask. And let them get real and good answers to what they ask. Why be so negavtive.. hug and make friends - And I been following patiently to get new updates, I do not complain and I play nice. And I to would love a update on really justa hey we think of you guys we are working on it kinda.. look out for i dunno what day or week..just something ❤️
  6. I am not an expert at all, but I typically try remove scripts in tree's and bushes, in fires as fireplaces and bonfire, lights and color changer scripts - also resize scripts I remove
  7. I feel a need tohug the entire forum, not long now and we all will have pretty houses 🧡
  8. Xia I am like you..very very strong index finger, no houseboat ..yet haha
  9. I see a green dot on the test sim 🤔did not think they worked in weekends
  10. oh this is very cool, thank you testerd! tester 🤗
  11. I messed up and lost my houseboat the first day of the release, I have refreshed but not gotten lucky to get a new yet. BUT Instead of wasting my time whining I been exploring the new continent I have planned how my houseboat will be when i get it and I been making friends , taking pics just enjoyed. Because you do not NEED to live in Bellissaria to have fun there. And like Sylvia says. Everyone will get a house or houseboat, just have some patience. Better they use time and do it right then fast forward it and it look bad ☺️
  12. I am not sure if I will get sleep either, also in europe lol
  13. So, i am soon moving to Bellisseria ( I hope ) and I have seen some word's about my question in other threads. But I thought to start a fresh one just for this. We are all uniqe people with different ways of being, different views of life and lifestyles. So my question to everyone is. What do you feel is accepted behaviour of your neighbor. Both in their private home behnd all kind of closed doors and out in public ? Just curious to know.
  14. I hope soon is today or tomorrow 😂
  15. I meet this lovely lady when out walking, she sold ice cream but also we had a small chat about where we lived well she as I still wait for my houseboat - exchanged some LM's and wished eachother a nice day ♥ Truly love Bellisseria more and more ♥
  16. Go to your SL dashboard (website) up in right corner there should be a pick of a house and a orange button saying get your linden home now..or something like that. Click that - you will get a random house and can chose from diff styles and if not happy you can reroll 5 times within 24 hours
  17. Blush, I am truly sorry this have happend to you. And I see your point in have some kinda securety. I was just trying to understand. As I said, I may be naive or something. And well I still hope for all to not have that stress and to be able to just enjoy second life. I will kick your stalkers leg if I see him oki ? hihi 🧡
  18. That sound really bad, I never had that happend to me since ever. And I truly hope I never will or anyone else. Be kind ♥
  19. Ok, so maybe I am naive. But, what is that a person that hover far up in the air over your place able to do ..? Asking because I truly want to understand please 🙂
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