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  1. Just now, Marisa Starbrook said:

    I wished I had known that. I’ve landed and tossed several campers that would have met your criteria. For me, they weren’t keepers, because they were on sand. Congrats on finding your dream spot! 

    awwh! thank you, but yah I am happy now haha ♥

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  2. 1 minute ago, Kasha Redstar said:

    That is gorgeous and very well deserved. I always loved how super happy you were with your previous camper spots and now you have a dream one. Huge congratulations. I do love it when people get stunning locations that they love, it really makes me smile. 

    thank you! I have been hoping to land a ocean camper for a long time now ♥

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  3. Gave up my camper I had to get a chalet, but I missed the little house so I upgraded my other self, got this cute parcel in Somerville. Railroad behind it, a road in front of it and bonus a super cute waterfall behind the camper with view down a river ♥



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  4. So, I tried my luck on the Chalet houses, and Igot this parcel. And it changed my mind about these houses. I was thinking before seeing this that the landscaping was a little boring, but this region Chaily it is so pretty here. Some pics from my garden and from the neighborhood, windmill almost next to me, a pond in my backyard and a river near by. I chosed the Eikelen house.





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  5. I got me a camper, I only need a place to get back to after exploring Belli, it do not have a water view, or any special anything around it. But it does have bushes and treets and flowers, and privacy. And the area near by are so diverse ♥ I stay here for a great while I am sure of.



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  6. so I let go my stilt home and got me a camper, and found out by chanse that my camper is a short walk from Alice's. She was showing me around and here we sit on the mountain with a hot spring behind us!


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  7. 4 minutes ago, Frigga Freidman said:

    It's called the Adeline kitchen, and 2 of us bought and critiqued it here in October (link to my comment and Eddy Vortex's appears a bit later in the thread): 


    ahh ok, I was not sure. And in my inventory it is called Ade's :) anyways it is not the best kitchen out there,  but it is one so that was why I put the note out there 

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  8. 3 hours ago, SarahThe Wanderer said:

    I just caught this home OL in "Dive In" the region that I wanted, and missed it! I can't believe my luck!

    It's a very nice location, but one thing is bothering me, why the front door is facing the water? it supposed to face the land and the back of the house should face the water for the view!

    it's a sim edge and i can't enjoy it, the front door is enjoying it!! ☹️






    Can you create a deck going from the lower deck at the back back to your  front door ?

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  9. Someone in Belli chat told me about this little Sea Boss  - Cadet from TMS, it is I think perfect for the waters around the stitls, little and easy to drive with some nice animations for two people..and only 5 in Li! It is grey as orig color but textures follow for those that can do that. 


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  10. 33 minutes ago, Nando Yip said:

    beautiful combination of green leaf and guava.  A touch of the 50s.

    thank you! I have had fun decorating this, even not as much time as I like since we had holidays. But I wanted the vacation feel at sea without it being blue and driftwood :) 

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