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  1. thank you! ❤️ I was really looking for the beach camper but when I found this trad I was sold - it has all the things I was looking for in the camper only it is a house ☺️
  2. Thank you to who ever left this trad at Cape Lively! ❤️ I was looking for a camper by the sea, I know very rare. Thought I see what this trad house was about just cause curious, and omg. It is not a camper, it is better. It is a sea front by the canals at the sea with so many cute decors around. So thank you very much stranger❤️ This will be so fun to decorate
  3. omg haha I forgot to use the pull down menu.. ok brain is working now 😁
  4. I do not see it on the list..only the old ones..weird
  5. Best of luck ☺️ you are looking at the right place, when a house boat get abandoned it will show as one of the icons on the bellisseria houses. Just keep refreshing and best of luck! I saw one yesterday, so even if they are rare they do turn up from time to time
  6. the dust bunny kitchen can be used in many ways, you can also mod it so it is not very prim heavy
  7. I do like these houses a lot, it will be a nice vacation home for sure Hopefully one on the water, and I think I can fit my little motorboat by the pier ❤️ Love that the texture is a bit washed off and old looking also like it would with a house close to or on the sea
  8. My boathouse is named Dolphin's refuge and my cabin is Spring Bunny Road, I love bunnies and dolphins lol
  9. I wanted to try if I could get a houseboat yesterday. And I got this one! It has only one neighbor on the one side, on the cutest little island and sunset view. Thank you to who ever gave this one up ♥ Love it so much, now I have a nice cabin and a super cute houseboat:)
  10. I found a pretty super house on day 3 or so with my alt, has a lake and park view. And today i thought it was silly to have two cabins so I put my "spare" one out again and refreshed a few times and got myself a very nice houseboat, sunset and only neighbor on one side. So now I have my cozy forest cabin and a summer "house" by the sea. No more GoH on me ❤️
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