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  1. Do not give up on finding your dream home. It took me 13 trys for my other self to get my cabin. And before that I lived in a houseboat in not a dream location. Because that was all I could get at the time. I also was lucky that someone gave up their victorian and got that on my main self. But that was just a week ago or so. So you will get the house you dream of. You just need to give it time and trys ♥
  2. yes I have the one that is to the left in that pic.. in weavers rest
  3. I got a house in Weavers rest, with a park like that and a lake, it is so cute and turned to the sunset. Rezz for boats and car with the park and a lot of beautiful landscaping and most of the houses have a view to water ❤️
  4. I live in weavers rest, would love to get neighbors. I have seen some glitched houses tho. So I am sure that it will all be fixed monday. They been fast to fix them but now it is weekend.
  5. I have started to decorate my familys cabin, here is what I got so far. Still need clutter, and not showing bed and bathroom because it is basically just my bed and daughters bed and well bathroom is also work in progress deluxe haha
  6. You can blacklist items you do not want to see, and it will never bother you again
  7. Me and myself found the dream location today, at Weavers Rest. Corner lot where I can turn the big window to the Grand View to face a lake and a small park area.
  8. I did not know they could be rotated, will give that a try next time I am in world
  9. I got this one as first try on my alt. It lays in a nice little street and with a big open region behind it. Hope for few houses and maybe some water/park or railroad there ?
  10. I got me a perfect little victorian the other day ❤️ going to decorate that and then I think I will do some exploring of my new neigborhood and the rest of Bellisseria
  11. I got my houseboat last release ❤️ but I am super excited to see what comes next. And I love all the hard work Lindens and Moles are doing also ❤️
  12. Oi oi can not wait to come back home. I got a teegle horse, and would love to be part of this😊
  13. after decorating the barnacle houseboat I found out, I much more wanted to try make something of the wallower, so here is what I came up with ☺️
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