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  1. I got my houseboat last release ❀️ but I am super excited to see what comes next. And I love all the hard work Lindens and Moles are doing also ❀️
  2. Oi oi can not wait to come back home. I got a teegle horse, and would love to be part of this😊
  3. after decorating the barnacle houseboat I found out, I much more wanted to try make something of the wallower, so here is what I came up with ☺️
  4. thank you Moirakathleen ❀️ ooh and I need to learn how to use the quote thing haha
  5. Oh I totally agree.. I just get a little tired of all the fights is all. Maybe the answer for me is to stop gettign involved πŸ˜„ Not feed the drama
  6. I feel a lot of people in these threads telling eachother how to live ... why cant we just stop already..and be nice
  7. I am pretty sure the starter of this thread did not mean she wanted to watch what you guys do in private, I understood it more in the direction that when you walk past a garden ...then you in RL normally can see your neighbor doing garden work or what other outdors activety. Like a living neighborhood.. That was all I think this thread meant. And again I do fully understand those that do not want that..as much as I understand those that want. I chose to take of privacy when i sit on my deck.. and stuff like that. But thats me, not all agree with that and its fine. Just please everyone, hug it out lol
  8. Leora that is what I was thinking, maybe I am not so used ot turn on full privacy lol. I hope people will ring the doorbellor call first of course haha !
  9. Fox as I said.. we are all different 😊 and I am not desperatly waiting.. how about we try be nice in our choices of words ? Have a super day now
  10. I turn my privacy on when needed, other times I would love for my neighbors to drop by and if they see I am at home then chanses I hope, are better for them to feel that they can 😊 I understand however that some feel that need to have privacy on. We are all different and that is totally OK 🧑
  11. Hi - I was one of you for a month until this last release then I lucked out and got a houseboat, do not feel its for nothing. You will get a house or a houseboat eventually. I quote what Patch Linden said after this last release " We know they will go very quickly, but as time goes on we will get more out, and hopefully faster. Our next focus will be to bring more Traditional Homes plus more Houseboats in another smaller launch while working in parallel to a larger launch and an exciting new theme. As usual, stay tuned here for more updates! " also here is the link ot his update post while you wait, spend time in Bellisseria, explore the neighborhods and get to know the residents, come visit me if you like. IM me in world Mira Fleming (Quiet Mirabella ) I know it is seems suckie..but you will get your home in the end ❀️
  12. Thank you BJoyful πŸ˜„ I am liking it I just need a few more clutter to make it feel like home 🧑
  13. My first ideas for my houseboat, will post some better pictures when I have cluttered it up a little more - I still got about 80 prims ot use ❀️
  14. Also you cna come camp out when ever, I know it is not the same but yah. I would not mind 😊
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