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  1. awwh! thank you, but yah I am happy now haha ♥
  2. thank you! I have been hoping to land a ocean camper for a long time now ♥
  3. Thank you to who ever gave up this view in Twofer ♥
  4. Gave up my camper I had to get a chalet, but I missed the little house so I upgraded my other self, got this cute parcel in Somerville. Railroad behind it, a road in front of it and bonus a super cute waterfall behind the camper with view down a river ♥
  5. So, I tried my luck on the Chalet houses, and Igot this parcel. And it changed my mind about these houses. I was thinking before seeing this that the landscaping was a little boring, but this region Chaily it is so pretty here. Some pics from my garden and from the neighborhood, windmill almost next to me, a pond in my backyard and a river near by. I chosed the Eikelen house.
  6. I got me a camper, I only need a place to get back to after exploring Belli, it do not have a water view, or any special anything around it. But it does have bushes and treets and flowers, and privacy. And the area near by are so diverse ♥ I stay here for a great while I am sure of.
  7. so I let go my stilt home and got me a camper, and found out by chanse that my camper is a short walk from Alice's. She was showing me around and here we sit on the mountain with a hot spring behind us!
  8. I am releasing my alts On pier stilt at Agua Fresca, it has a ocean view. Very nice parcel.
  9. haha ok ok let us call it adeline kitchen then 😆🤣
  10. ahh ok, I was not sure. And in my inventory it is called Ade's anyways it is not the best kitchen out there, but it is one so that was why I put the note out there
  11. No you have to go to the store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oracle Sparc/129/88/4011
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