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  1. Thank you. I did read the FAQ but needed to see this clearly stated. I think your post will help a lot of people.
  2. Is this in fact just about cashing out? I'm reading this like you only need to scan your ID and provide other sensitive information if you cash out lindens. Sorry if someone already said this. "These changes apply to USD credit processing and do not have any impact on the routine purchasing of Linden Dollars. Only Second Life Residents who Process Credit of their USD balance to their payment method (e.g. PayPal) are impacted by the ID verification requirements"
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. rmarie Beedit


    Thank you for this great response.
  5. 215 messages by this user along similar lines. It's a body of work for them. If your hackles are up, you've probably been trolled. :matte-motes-evil:
  6. Tamara Artis wrote: Okay you can do another and that is to create the top for yourself and link whatever you think it should be linked. This was my first thought....ah, the slippery slope to becoming a builder! "I'll just do it myself!" :heart:
  7. Thank you, It looks like someone fixed this because later this evening I could upload mesh to the main grid. Could you do the same thing for my account on ADITI? I have taken the IP test and I tried to add payment info there, but am unable to. All the best, RM
  8. Hello. I have confirmation of payment on file as well as confirmation that the IP test is passed, and that I'm registered to upload mesh objects, however when I try I am told I still need to register. Thank you for any help.
  9. Here are a couple of the open Jira tickets regarding this issue. Many have been closed as duplicates with no updates, since early December. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2679 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2914
  10. Hi There Marley, These Jira tickets might help. There havent' been any updates, but they are the main two open tickets about this issue. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2679 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2914
  11. The statement in their post, "When I equiped an alpha mask which was intended to hide the extra body parts sticking out when I equip the shoe" pretty much indicates the person was trying to use their shoe alpha that came with the shoes. This is a known issue in the SL JIra and has been since early December. There are no updates to any of the active Jira tickets, and dozens have been closed due to being duplicates. I'm watching this because I also have this problem in SL Viewer, SL Developer Viewer, and Firestorm. Makes it kind of a bummer when you can't wear your nice shoes. Here are the active Jira tickets. As for inactive ones, a quick search should show them all. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2679 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2914
  12. This is also broken in Second Life 3.2.5 (246228) Dec 6 2011 07:46:14 (Second Life Development)
  13. yeah, not of this passes for me in Firestorm either. Maybe a periodic update is required for it to work? Thanks for starting this thread.
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