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  1. I've been thinking about this a lot. I open the World Map, which I use multiple times per session for a bunch of reasons. It looks like this might be viewed as an expendable feature because the SL user base has evolved so much. The most important users don't cover territory anymore, they just own Linden Homes and shop. And no offense to these folks - they are keeping lots of creators working!
  2. Anyway, you evoked some interesting perspectives on SL times since 2012. A successful thread evokes lots of different responses - funny, profound, thoughtful, and otherwise. So just notch a win.
  3. "Elitism is the belief or attitude that individuals who form an elite—a select group of people with an intrinsic quality, high intellect, wealth, special skills, or experience—are more likely to be constructive to society as a whole, and therefore deserve influence or authority greater than that of others." It's a fine line. Since the creator is successful enough that her name isn't being shared in this thread, maybe her products are so popular that they speak for themselves. Personally, I prefer to be able to test a demo too, so I wouldn't fall into her customer demographic.
  4. Because you use the word "wait" twice, it sounds like maybe you're asking how long a person has/should wait when their partner disappears. As long as you can stand it? The real world is pretty crazy right now - don't take anything too personally in SL. It's a game, and if you liked someone enough to partner them you could probably be friends some day. Etc....
  5. The heel-click sound should not be muted by default. It's immersive.
  6. Yes, I know this is an ancient thread. The most recent update I've found is here, in this NOW CLOSED thread. Maybe LL's goal is to get people to interact more in the process of getting these newer homes, in order to generate more community in the region where the homes are. But for people who can't sift through all the old threads, maybe LL could post more information on how to get one of the newer Linden homes on this page - or a link to a clear update: https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php Good luck with all the releases guys and gals!
  7. Thank you both. The second solution worked for me: Preferences > Move & View > Movement > Pressing letter keys affects movement instead of starting local chat
  8. In ten years trying on three different Macs this shortcut has never worked for me. Too many bases lost.
  9. Hi indianwifecute, Definitely check GENUS Project - at minimum you can find an avi you may be happy with, there. Otherwise it could serve as a great foundation for you to build the avi you want, or someone may be able to help with that. Good Luck. I'm including a link to the Genus Project creator's Flickr page. https://www.flickr.com/photos/crazy-shopaholic
  10. Thank you. I did read the FAQ but needed to see this clearly stated. I think your post will help a lot of people.
  11. Is this in fact just about cashing out? I'm reading this like you only need to scan your ID and provide other sensitive information if you cash out lindens. Sorry if someone already said this. "These changes apply to USD credit processing and do not have any impact on the routine purchasing of Linden Dollars. Only Second Life Residents who Process Credit of their USD balance to their payment method (e.g. PayPal) are impacted by the ID verification requirements"
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. rmarie Beedit


    Thank you for this great response.
  14. 215 messages by this user along similar lines. It's a body of work for them. If your hackles are up, you've probably been trolled. :matte-motes-evil:
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