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  1. For those of you who knew and remember long time Second Life resident Kamael Xevious, sadly I must pass along news of his passing over the Christmas holiday. He had posted a Facebook status on December 12 that he was in the hospital, that he would let us know when he knew more. That is the last we heard from him. His sister later reported on his account that he had passed away on the 23rd. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Kam on the first SL Pride back in 2007, and had known him ever since. He was a genuinely good human behind the avatar, and he will be sorely missed by many. Peace Zaph
  2. So apparently, being critical of Linden Lab employees, by for instance pointing out their conveniently adaptive approach to mainland customer service depending on who you are (or aren't) or whether or not you're a member of a prominent community like, say, Bay City, is now against the Terms of Service. Sounds like somebody got his wittle feelings hurted. All you have to do now is say something, something factual and demonstrably true, and they can now claim libel, falsehood or whatever else is listed in that clause, and bang. You've violated the Terms of Service.
  3. Indeed. It all seems to boil down to whatever the hell Guy feels like doing at any given time. I literally watched him carve out a 512 parcel roadside for someone out of a larger section of abandoned land. I later had a need/desire for an additional 512 parcel across the road from where I was, and when I made the request, he gave me a pile of BS excuses as to why he was unable to accomodate my request. This after I witnessed him do this exact thing for another customer. In my years of owning mainland, not once has he or anyone else been inclined to accomodate any of my more than reasonable requests. Instead, I get lectured. I hope he retires soon. There's nothing he does that couldn't be automated by software, with a much more consistent, reliably fair outcome.
  4. These appear to be nothing more than spawn locations for a role play activity of some sort. The objects themselves are just props. Or so "they" want us to believe.. Hrmm.
  5. Man, that was a really depressing thing to read. Indeed, a topic in and of itself, even though It's probably been done a thousand times now.
  6. Well, I am taking care of my little section of Route 9 with my trusty CAT.
  7. As has been REPEATEDLY pointed out, there is a fundamental and critical difference between your vehicles and the thousands of empty shopping malls, dance clubs, rental houses and billboards. Those latter items live on the parcels their owners PAY for. YOUR garbage ends up piling up on parcels YOU DO NOT OWN. Your shi7 ends up on OTHER PEOPLE's land, and YOU DON'T GIVE A SHI7 about it. HUGE difference, Ms. Otoole. HUGE. AnnMarie Otoole wrote: HOWEVER, I don't need to justify their existence just as the thousands of empty shopping malls, empty dance clubs, empty renal houses, empty billboards don't need to justify their existence. I would continue to brighten up the empty SL roads even if they didn't accept passengers.
  8. And how many of those were inadvertant rides, because your cars are set to sit on touch? New folks are especially inclined to touch things a lot.
  9. I am among those who have ridden well more than 10 times, but that has been to get them the hell on their way. What are the ride durations? 10 seconds? 7? Somehow I just don't buy your numbers. I have never seen anyone in those cars. Ever. AnnMarie Otoole wrote: Look at the numbers, average number of rides per person is 3. Not counting me and my alts, 7 people have ridden over 1,000 times 43 have ridden over 100 times, 2331 have ridden more than 10 times, 95,180 have ridden from 2 to 10 times 55,154 have ridden only once. So to answer your comment, only 19% have ridden only once and over 80% chose to ride again. (I have names and addresses.)
  10. You know that number is meaningless. How many rode for more than just a few seconds? It's one thing to jump on out of curiosity. It's another thing entirely to become engaged with the experience. Your boasting is deceptive and self serving. AnnMarie Otoole wrote: Number 300,000 coming up in a few days.
  11. And given that those parameters have to be baked for each region with some regularity as the content geometry changes, it isn't something that can be relied on outside of a relatively controlled environment. Qie Niangao wrote: Pathfinding characters can only wander using defined approach/avoidance parameters.
  12. Other than possible issues with the collision shape of the new road, if it's more than just a texture change, I doubt there'd be any considerable change in behavior. Most of the road pieces out there are just called "object", so I doubt her scripts are doing anything more than just trying to point in a general direction, with the name of the parcel under the wheels as the primary guidance reference. Which reminds me, I had read there were plans for the Moles to replace the current road beds with a Mesh Road. I could be wrong about it being Mesh though. See this thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mainland/Strange-new-road-texture/m-p/1567813/highlight/true#M2840 I wonder if that will have any effect on the way her vehicles (are supposed to) stay on track.
  13. I regularly and frequently observe your vehicles piled up and inoperative at sim crossings. I don't think your assessment is accurate. Sim crossings are NOT the problem. I have virtually no sim crossing failures of unoccupied vehicles.
  14. The problem isn't just sim crossings. The fundamental problem is that the type of navigation she is attempting to do simply cannot reliably be done with the resources at hand. There is nothing under the hood of LSL that will make this possible. The vehicles cannot stay on the road. They end up nudging into parcels set to disallow object entry, and often scripts as well. This renders them semi permanent fixtures across the Mainland landscape, until the parcel owners finally get around to visiting their property and removing the stalled vehicles. Crossing region boundaries is only part of the problem. Anne just simply doesn't give a shi7. Her responses to criticisms in this thread and others indicates that she is acting with contempt for the community. That she believes it is appropriate to install rezzers for these vehicles on LDPW land, deliberately circumventing parcel restrictions designed to prevent it, and knowingly against the wishes of the Moles and Linden employees who have put so much effort and passion into creating an enjoyable Mainland experience confirms this. This is not a technical problem. It isn't a programming problem. It is a behavior problem. Gadget Portal wrote: If the problem is sim crossings, just toggle temp for the crossing. Like I said before- crappy scripts.
  15. Nobody should have to be bothered to contact you regarding the prim litter you continue to spread from one corner of the mainland to another. It shouldn't be there in the first place, unless you have a method to ensure that it self-cleans, and avoids piling up all over the grid. You keep putting this on Linden Lab, saying it's their problem, because they aren't doing this or that or bending over backward to change the world to suit your annoying little fetish. A reasonable and responsible citizen of the Mainland would, under these circumstances, simply stop the program. What you're doing is virtually the same, ethically, as walking around your real world neighborhood, 24/7, taking a shi7 in your neighbors' yards, and arguing that until your shi7 figures out a way to clean itself up, it's your neighbors' responsibility to deal with it. The design intention for the temporary attribute was narrowly focused on expendables such as ordnance - bullets, missiles.. things that are intended to have single mission in a short life. It was not ever intended to accommodate what you are doing with these vehicles, and it is unreasonable and self-serving to expect that they would change the attribute's behavior to suit your personal interest. AnnMarie Otoole wrote: What, where is the "SLU thread"? No one has contacted me regarding removal of them?? Has there been a change in temp-on-rez? I actually spent quite some time with the Lindens trying to get the temp-on-rez altered. The problem with it is the time is accumulative, if you disable and restore it continues from where it was so you only get about 60 seconds life. I even filed a wish list to make the temp-on-rez resettable, or settable to a numeric time. Have they done that? I also suggested a temp-on-no-script feature that would start a 1 minute self destruct timer if the object was on no-script land and this flag was set.
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