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  1. Do you have the link for the "black alpha" patch?
  2. Ok idk if this is the right category about this matter (It can also be in the Art and Photography). I tried Kirsten's before but the shadow feature is or was (idk right now) not supported in Mac and now for the 1st time I can enable shadows in the lates V2.7 BETA and yay for that!;) Unfortunately, as what other say.. There's no such thing as PERFECT... I attached some photos with shadows enabled and the alpha texture especially in my hair is flat black. I also attach a normal graphic setting with no shadows. 1st and 2nd Photo are shadows enabled and the last one is my default setting. In addition, I set the physics to maximum and I was expecting a movement in "soft parts" of my body.... My breast and butt are still hard as rock lol!;) Can anyone help me regarding this matter?;) Is it a bug or I just need to tweak something in the debug settings? Specs: Macbookpro late 2010 model version 10.6.7 , 2.66 ghz core 2 duo, 4 gm RAM, Vcard: Nvidia geforce9400M + geforce 9600M GT
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