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  1. I'm a bit confused. To get the gifts, there's a sign saying you have to join the Kustom 9 VIP group and then click the gifts. However, this VIP group is for designers, and in the group window, "Anyone can join" is not checked, so I can't join that group. These gifts can't be only for designers, right?

    *Edit: Nevermind, I figured out that I'm already a member of the regular Kustom9 group which gives me the gifts.

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  2. When I came to SL in 2009, I remember there were lots of formal elegant ballrooms and there were always some people dancing there. The other day my partner wore his new tux, I wore my best gown and we wanted to go dancing. Frank's was empty (that was the free one). Phat Cat's wasn't there anymore. Foxxie looked like in 2009 and only two bot couples seemed to dance there. You could hardly see them as the dancefloor was sooo big. Searching for ballroom in SL search only brought empty places. I know Midnight in Europe is 1 pm SLT but still there should be some people around? I then remembered that Fogbound was a thing 2 years ago, so we went there and met 60 avatars in one place. It was not formal and the music was totally not my taste. We both never got anyone really rezzed, just body parts moving around and horizontally flying pants and shirts.

    So, isn't there any other place where you can dance in a formal, nicely decorated ballroom together with a few other couples anymore?

  3. He now got a Gianni body and a Not Found Skin. (He told me that he gets confused at the "not found" at times, because he thinks that he might have lost an item.) That skin has some impurities and looks great on the Quinn head. I don't care about his unique look as we don't socialize that much with others and he doesn't care either. (I care about my own avatar more.) I tried the maturity tattoos which come with the head, but I couldn't figure out how to tint them or even make them show other than as white lips and a streak down to the throat. Most probably I would have needed to click somewhere on evo or evo x, but I didn't know where exactly and there was no tattoo layer indicated in the HUD. (I haven't been in SL for around 2 years and sure, with evo+x there's way more possibilities to wear several layers above each other and BOM and such, but it's only for people who obsess with their faces and take pictures and enjoy that and that's great, but for someone like me who wants to look beautiful enough to decorate a new house it's too complicated and completely unnecessary.)

    Finally we decided that he can look like a young adult, why not, my avatar also looks like a young adult, even though in RL we are in our late 50s and early 70s.

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  4. I don't think that the skin that comes with the head is the one on the ad. On the ad, the guy looks like in his 40s, having gone through adventures sailing the seven seas, whereas the skin that comes with the head looks like he's in his early 20s and starting a model career. I wonder if the skin on the ad is photoshopped though. Guess I will check out a few skin stores and try demos, thank you for your reply.

  5. There's quite a few people who met their RL significant other in SL. I am one of those. I wasn't looking for an RL partner, neither was he. We managed to do all of that without a dating app. I moved 800 km (we say that in Europe, where the trolls live) to another country to live with him. In my first SL weeks, I got to know two couples who got to know each other in SL, where a guy from Scotland moved to the US, and a guy from Canada moved to Switzerland in RL. Thats called flexibility. I definitely would not want to know where other avatars come from or where they live in RL. Once I become friends with someone, we usually share RL stuff in private and also share where we are living, but I want to be the one to disclose this information to people I trust. SL is definitely not meant as a dating platform, even though at times it can be.

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  6. Not sure if these questions belong here or in "wanted", so I apologize if I chose the wrong one.

    I've been away from SL for around 2 years and the avatars of my husband are more than 5 years old. They have the first male mesh head of Lelutka and slink as well as signature mesh bodies. I boldly offered him a remake and got lost completely. I like the Lelutka Evo Quinn head, actually my husband looks a bit like this in RL (just older) 😉 But I'd need that skin which is shown on the picture, and I have no idea where to find it. So does anyone know which skin that is?

    My second question. I wear a Maitreya body and nowadays all clothing I buy has some integrated auto hide function. The (old) male bodies of my husband don't have that, so with each change of outfit you have to fiddle with the HUD to hide body parts. He doesn't like to change outfits anyway, but this additional task won't make him do it at all. Are there any male mesh bodies around, which together with certain clothing have an auto hide function? Please?

    Thank you very much!

  7. This is interesting, thank you Whirly. It was actually quite freaking that objects change their attributes without any interaction, that's why I posted the question. What happened before... I had changed the size of my texture cache on my laptop and didn't know I should have cleared cache, so I had texture corruption. I cleared my cache, went to a water sim to load inventory, tp'd back to my parcel and all the alpha blending mesh objects were set to none. This pretty much corresponds to this description: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-11333

    But one thing is different. My alpha masking objects kept their alpha mode, my sculpted objects kept it too, it was only the alpha blending objects that went to none. These were plants bei Reid Parkin (Wild Bushes and Bush light green), an alligator shrub by Skye, a field of grass and flowers by Hayabusa and potted plants by Soy. It was on this parcel where I had the texture corruption before. I could see it on both computers, and also my alt could see it. However, on another sim with the same plants, it didn't happen and I didn't break the plants by looking at them... I tp'd there after I fixed the others and my viewer kindof learned their alpha mode maybe...

    Thanks again for your replies Whirly!

    The question that remains and also freaked me out a while ago was the tint and texture change of one piece of my mesh shoreline that was no modify and the scripts were deleted. I wonder if some God Mode Linden walked by and examined this piece of shoreline :P

    Take care


    *another edit... no rule without exception. I just noticed in a more awake condition that my Jian-Ash Trees were affected too, and they have alpha masking.

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  8. On the parcel I rented, all my plants that were set by default to "alpha blending" suddenly were set to "none" and looked weird. They went back to normal when I edited them all one by one and checked alpha blending again. I have the same plants rezzed on a different sim, and there, they all still looked normal. There is only one person who is allowed to edit my objects, my partner, who is not at home, has no access to a computer and wouldn't walk around and change the alpha mode of my plants. How can prims change their alpha mode themselves?

    I had something equally weird happening a few weeks ago, when one of my many shoreline prims which are no modify and the scripts deleted, changed their tint and texture. I couldn't fix it, I had to rez a new one. All the other shoreline prims still looked fine. Nobody could have "done" this.  I wonder if this is just me, and I am really curious what could have happened here.

    Thanks all,

    Lailantie Core-Amat

    *edit - after further investigation I found it's only the mesh plants that were concerned, and all of them. Some sculpted plants that were set to alpha blending haven't changed to none. Also, mesh plants that were set to alpha masking kept their setting.

  9. We offer four beautifully and skillfully decorated romantic islands in the sky on an Adult full region for rent. There is no land ownership, terraforming or setting music streams included, however we offer a Land Security Orb for your privacy. The islands are fully decorated, each contains a house or house boat and an additional little hut or trailer, a dancefloor with Intan couple dances, as well as a small and exquisite collection of PG and Adult furniture. 100 Prims are included in the fee of 800 Lindens per week, if you want more we can talk. You can also bring your own furniture or add your favourite decoration.

    Come and have a look - contact me anytime for questions.


    With Love,

    Lailantie Core


  10. And a third thank you from me! I never managed to hide my UI on my previous notebook and you can't imagine how many support lines I talked to and nobody could help. Now I got a new notebook where it didn't work either... tried your advice and voilà - my UI is gone with the key combo that should work. A thousand thank yous :-) Can't wait to try it out on my older one.

  11. My experience with sailing is, that my  prim boats in the past also partially or fully disappeared at sim crossings, the mesh Loonetta doesn't disappear more often. Why I am writing... since two days my partner and I have noticed a very strange phenomenon. When he sits on the Loonetta the boat disappears for me and he is no longer visible either. When he gets up he renders again together with the boat. At other times, when he sits on the boat his avatar disappears but the boat stays visible. When I sit on the boat too, his avatar renders again. This happened in different regions at different times, it's not reliably reproducable though. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen?




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