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  1. and yet i did want know how show lindes at this viever. because i dont see how much i have.
  2. Hello. Today i did update Firestorm and my antywirus some plicks delete and my Firestorm dont work good. So i did install Black Dragon Viever and idk how do that will look like Firestorm. How i open this all people are grey. Idk how do it that will look normal. Later camera is next my avatar and how walk this i need use mause that will go left or right. How i use alone keyboard this camera dont move like avatar. Later idk how do it that i will see on viever how much i have lindes. How do it all ? Please help me 🙏
  3. Hello. I wanna change my skin because bored ma hahah. Now i search shop with Asian skins but is hard find me. Someone can help me? What are nice shops with Asian skins similar to très beau . Because i find some nice avatars but are without stylecard and only shape. 😅 Please give me a lot that similar shops with skins. Thank you :)
  4. Honestly idk with skin head, but Yes i use skin From Mila to Legacy
  5. yes, But skin body i have from Mila and Head skin from another shop
  6. maybe yes but i dont want do dark skin
  7. Hello. I have a problem with the neck of my avatar (it's like collars). I have Lelutek's head and Legacy Body. I use Evox skin and Bom skin. I have a free Blenser but it doesn't do anything. I can’t fix it Does anyone know where I can buy Blender and which is the best? Please help. Before i did use Blender to another body and did work and now with Legacy dont work. Thank you
  8. Hello. Someone can send me shop what buy dance for Avatar? Because i get From MOVE! Animations Colonge. But i think that are a little bored. Thank you for help
  9. Wow thank you. Ok but how can i find fish vendor? How it look? For it i get too L$?
  10. hello. I have a lot of questions about Fish Hunt. first: what do you teach CC token to and how to go you weep? second: what is magic powders? ? fourth: if you bought a more expensive worm, you will earn more than you thought for it? so as not to lose money. for example, the cheapest one worm costs 22 lindes and earns you 33 lindes. the point is not to go bankrupt. I would like to know if the fish you have caught are in the (backpack) and can you sell them apart from going to the ATM and withdrawing? how to do it ? please help
  11. Hello i did buy Rebirth head but dont have to it hair Base. How i did Avatar this some hair look bad at this head. Can i buy it for it hairbase? And where? Thank you
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