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  1. I did save that link if you're wondering.
  2. I did prune my friends list of about 20 or so people who I don't talk to, or haven't chatted with for a long while. I don't know if that's a start or not.
  3. I wouldn't even know where to begin when it comes to blogging 😖 No, seriously... I have no clue about blogs whatsoever. I'm still somewhat old-fashioned.
  4. I'll be honest, I don't know if it's me or whatnot. I know I'm frustrating some of you and I don't mean to, but I have tried. I didn't just try them in a 24hr. period, I tried these things over time... over the course of a year or so. Except for writing and blogging. I was never good at writing stories and such; and I just never understood blogging.
  5. YouTube account I have. However, I don't think I have the components to record on there. PC if you're wondering. As to taking photos and setting up a blog... I wouldn't even know where to begin a blog. It's not RL depression that's the issue. It's what I'm dealing with as it pertains to SL that's the issue. I just see what everyone else is doing and I just end up giving up because eventhough they might not be the best... they're still better than what I could even do. It doesn't matter if it's creating, writing, etc. As I said before, I can't fix my RL because of my ESRD and being on home dialysis. I can't fix the inevitable parts of my RL.
  6. I don't have the setup to record and upload to YouTube.
  7. Ok, I tried it. No one was interested in continuing.
  8. I still suck at every SL game there is.
  9. I don't play FPS games or games like Fortnite as they're too hectic. I do play World of Warcraft, but it's easier to take a few days off from there than it is in SL as there are catch-up mechanics; whereas in SL if you take a break... you're utterly lost when or if you come back.
  10. I did try to follow the videos that focused mainly on Blender, but even then I got lost. The keyboard shortcut infographic definitely didn't make it any easier.
  11. That's the thing. I don't know what's enjoyable or what I'd like to do in-world anymore. With Builder's Brewery, I can't make the vast majority or any of the classes that are scheduled. I tried to follow along with the basic videos on youtube, but I just continually got confused and lost, so I just uninstalled it completely. I'd like to, but they're at times when I have to go out and do stuff, or my monthly stuff. By the time the late classes start there, I'm usually tired, on my nightly cycler for dialysis and headed to bed as I'm EST. The one time I go to a dance or club... of course I got hit on by a guy wanting me to do "yoga poses". It happens every time I try to go to a dance or a club. Granted, this is what I've experienced, and I know everyone else's experience with dancing or clubbing is different so I know it doesn't happen to everyone. See, I suck at even explaining anything. It just gets too garbled up into one big mess 😢
  12. All that happens is that I get hit on by some perv who wants some. Trust me, it never fails. It's kinda hard not to compare yourself to others in my case. I know that everyone is different and that everyone has different levels of creativity. I also know that not everyone is the best. I get it. Not everyday is good. At this point, I really don't know what to do anymore. Sorry if I'm depressing everyone, but I just can't help how I'm feeling right now 😢
  13. I tried to build with prims, but it just got too complicated. Yeah, if I couldn't figure that out, then trying to figure Blender out would be a headache in itself. Yes, there's stuff in SL that can feel like chores like the TAS Cleaning System. Trust me, it's SL. I can't fix my RL because of my End Stage Renal Disease. My RL... I learned to accept the monthly blood draws and doctor's appointments though I wish I never had ESRD. I can't fix inevitability. SL is my escape from RL. It tries to keep me from the inevitable. What good is it if I suck at creating or finding outlets in here?
  14. *just sighs sadly while listening to it*
  15. I have visited and explored other places, but all I end up getting are messages from people who are looking for that. So, I just end up staying home.
  16. It's not that I don't like to create stuff... it's that I just suck at it. I tried Blender and ultimately ended up uninstalling it as I couldn't understand it. Writing... yeah... forget that. I always had issues with writing (or explaining) anything. Photos... I don't have the money and seeing the photos from others... yeah. Scripting... too complicated for me. Decorating and interior design... I end up taking long breaks from it or I just end up not finishing anything. Taking a break from SL... I doubt that would help as my RL just plain sucks. If it's not doctor's appointments or monthly blood draws at the clinic, then it's the ever so tedious trip to Walmart or the grocery store. Unfortunately, I tried making friends, but nothing seemed "new". I log on... I do my SL chores in the house and hope a SL family member comes on only to end up home alone as usual. I mean, I understand RL so I'm not worried about that. It's like they come on, but they come on at other places. Like I said, I just don't know anymore.
  17. I'm starting to get that feeling once again. You know, that feeling of depression when you feel that you're still that square peg, or left out because you're not creative... you know what I mean. I've tried to play SL Games, but I just suck at them. Clubbing... I got bored of it really quickly. I swear that everyone gets more out of this than I ever will 😢. I'll be honest, I just don't know what to do anymore. My SL family has more fun than I do... I suck at Blender... I don't know. I just... I just don't know anymore 😢
  18. Thanks Rowan! OMG... I even have that hairstyle.
  19. Hii, I saw this one hairstyle and was wondering what hairstyle this was who made it. Thanks!
  20. I haven't done any Rosary or Bible Readings since my recovery from a hospital stay during the entirety of Christmas and into New Years. I've been trying to take it easier in SL so I don't end up living in SL 😋
  21. I wonder if there is a creator who wants to make a pair just like the ones I have linked in my OP for Maitreya, Legacy and Reborn?
  22. I did find a pair of Lindy's kitten heels that were rigged, LittleMe Jewell. It took a little while to find a pair.
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