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  1. Buying $500L used to be around the $2.50USD area, now... as I check, buying $500L is a dollar more. See how it mimics the real world in a sense?
  2. Tell me, how much have things gone up in the real world like per se... prices on food, clothing, gas/petrol/heating oil... oh yeah... employers/CEOs/BoDs giving themselves raises while wages for employees haven't gone up in the way it should have for how many years now? You do know what inflation and hyperinflation are, right? Everything you're talking about promotes inflation, or even hyperinflation.
  3. Most of us wouldn't be able to afford to buy lindens for rent or to even buy anything if it were $1 USD = $100 L. Inflation of anything does no one any good and actually hurts in the long run.
  4. The deformer I have on is for my eye brows. The best way to figure out how the deformers work is to demo them if they have one.
  5. Guess the singers and the genius behind this song?
  6. It should be the Kimi CATWA BOM skin from Enfer Sombre. The freckles I got elsewhere.
  7. This is what I look like with the Steffi head. I'm not sure which EVOX or HD EVOX head would even work for me if I wanted to get a new head. I do know that I'd need a new skin that is EVOX compatible, and if I ever decide on grabbing the Legacy body or not.
  8. Yes, Antonio Banderas can sing. Wanna know who else can sing? These three.
  9. True, but I'm in the same boat as the OP.
  10. I'm actually waiting to see if there's any new stuff coming out from the places I get my clothes before switching to LaraX, eventhough I have the body.
  11. The CATWA Steffi head should be v4.5 . I should know, I use that head. You should be able to just get it redelivered to you.
  12. Blame our forefathers who decided to deviate from Standard English to American English.
  13. Here's one... a real engine more suited to mesh.
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