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  1. My suggestion... pick the body you're most comfortable with once you've tried the demos for each one.
  2. Possibly. We know that there's a massive number of daily and monthly users on ROBLOX (70.2 million daily and over 216 million monthly active users)... but according to Zepeto's numbers, they have around 300 million users worldwide. Go ahead and look, I did so myself. Compare those numbers to what the daily and monthly numbers are for SL, and you'll understand why this was more or less a business decision.
  3. I'm guessing that Gizem is the CEO of Blueberry/House of Blueberry. If so, how would one send a 'cease and desist' letter to their own CEO? If memory serves, the position of the COO they have listed in that year old article is under that of the CEO. Not only that, but Gizem might be the majority shareholder, which makes her the de facto boss. If Blueberry itself is pulling back from SL while making money in other virtual worlds, then that is a business decision.
  4. If, and I do mean "if", this is "investor" related, then it would be because they don't want their company portfolio sullied by having any affiliation to SL.
  5. What better way to end Saturday with an original... ... and its cover. So... did Anthrax do Kansas's "Carry On Wayward Son" justice?
  6. She has trust issues for starters. The "but(s)" in her answers are possibly proof that she has tried everything she could think of. Yes, and even if the guy changes his name on any of the accounts, the UUIDs for each remain the same no matter what. It could be your spelling as I do see hints of Broken English in your writing. Talking is good, and not lowering your guard is a reactionary response because of what this guy has done to you in terms of cyber stalking. The only person who can decide if you want to be friends with someone is you.
  7. You've got yourself a new laptop, new modem and router (with a new name and password I hope), and this guy continues to find you in SL despite your VPN software. You shouldn't need to change the way you look in SL, but you shouldn't have to put up with someone cyber stalking you. Keep reporting him when you're 100% certain that it is him. Yes, it's going to be difficult as this guy has made it extremely difficult for you to trust and make friends online, but you need to take that power from your cyber stalker. Blocking him also works.
  8. I'm guessing he knows her UUIDs and whatever she puts on her profiles and pics.
  9. Only if he knows the name of the router, that you call it as, and the password.
  10. Just read one of her comments that she is taking time for herself.
  11. If you're watching X-Men '97... don't watch this scene. If you have no heart, then don't watch this scene.
  12. I know that feeling all too well. I'm even going through it again, myself.
  13. Real Info For Lost Eagles for the month of APRIL
  14. I did use your suggestion of putting my Autoresponse to Non-friends up for whenever I do get the urge to try to do something. I learned that I suck at flying, and all I know how to do with prims is slap a texture on it. Scripting is way out of my league. As for role playing, I took some advice and decided to take a break from it completely for awhile. I don't know how long it'll be though. When it comes to socializing, I tend to shut down or just try to find someplace to sit by myself. I think one of my biggest regrets was being in that relationship I was in for that long, especially if that was going to lead to how I'm feeling now, nearly a year after it ended.
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