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  1. 8 minutes ago, Fluffy Sharkfin said:

    Well that's solution, but I doubt that it's one that LL are willing to consider.

    I think the recent updates to PBR are suffering from a number of issues which, while not particularly related, are causing people to have very negative experiences.  Clearly there are issues with the current EEP environments and PBR and there are obviously issues with wildly differing experiences regarding performance (some people are getting huge increases, others can barely look around or move).

    I don't know why LL continue to do this with new features but it really does seem like whenever they release something big it's a lot like looking at one of those paint-by-numbers pictures where the child has carefully coloured in 90% of it and meticulously painted within the lines, and then got bored at the last minute and thrown whatever paint was available onto the page and then proudly said "Finished!" before running off to play outside instead.

    You're right on that.

    As I said with my experience so far with PBR, it's been negative.  FPS is down overall, mirrors causing massive lag or possible viewer crashes... you get the jist.

  2. 1 minute ago, Arielle Popstar said:

    Have you? I been on the beta viewer for months and other then a few trips to the beta grid to see the PBR creations, I've been mostly unimpressed and certainly don't see PBR as being worth what many are experiencing with this transition.

    PBR should've been beta-tested for a longer length of time to find any problems that would arise.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Fluffy Sharkfin said:

    Creating an entirely new engine won't solve the problem of an unoptimized world.

    Take any game/graphics engine and subject it to the same type of content you'll find in SL and it will have the same issues.

    To be clear this isn't just an issue of poorly optimized content, even if every item in SL were perfectly created and optimized and as efficient as it possibly could be it still wouldn't make a lot of difference.

    As others have pointed out (quite recently) most environments are pre-built, optimized, and very carefully compiled in order to maximize performance, often entire environments are built from a few modular building kits and a handful of very cleverly crafted texture sets.  Compare that to a platform like SL where everything is mixed and matched and there are regions where every single item is one of a kind (at least in that region) and uses completely unique textures and it's easy to see why performance in SL is comparatively awful.  I don't think an entirely new engine is going to solve that issue.

    Then the only solution would be to rollback the engine to before they put out PBR, perform further testing with actual beta testers (rather than relying upon in-house testers) and fine tuning it so that they can re-release it without the negativity that it's received thus far.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Codex Alpha said:

    Of course, and they kinda did (San<ahem>sar) and the majority of SL'er rejected with much hostility, thinking that it was a waste of money and would obsolete their products and worlds... Where here we are.. getting obsoleted... but now they get PBR on an outdated engine, LOL.

    We all know how Sansar turned out.  The problem... trying to bring those elements into an outdated platform like SL.

    I'll be the first to say this... it may be time for a new Second Life.  One with a modern engine that can truly take advantage of the modernization that LL seeks to incorporate into SL.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Flea Yatsenko said:

    PBR is an attempt to modernize their old game engine. At some point LL has to do something to modernize their engine. PBR is a first step but it's definitely made the rest of the engine's problem seem much larger and obvious.

    That said SL has a fundamental problem in that it never gets that compiled/optimized/etc path that an actual game would get, because it's designed to be a world that can always be updated and changed.

    Yes, PBR is an attempt to modernize a game engine that's approximately 25yrs. old, and a first step; however, putting PBR onto the old engine will not make things easier for those with PCs and laptops that are more than four years old as it's meant for those with more powerful hardware.  Those of us with PCs and laptops that are more than four years old (mine being custom built and nearing 6yrs) will need to either upgrade to RTX GPUs and get at least another 16GB of RAM, or save up for a completely new build altogether.

    In fact, the best solution would have been to build an entirely new engine, or working with one that is capable of handling PBR.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Nagachief Darkstone said:

    Autoprobes I've found are very hit or miss with indoor scenes, you're better off putting down probes for interiors.

    They are working on implementing the base glTF 2.0 specification, which does include major overhauls in how the renderer is structured. There's already tangible benefits in the glTF mesh project viewers, such as GPU-transformed bones vs the current meshes transformed on the CPU, which has provided a significant performance improvement in skinned gltf mesh. 

    Yes, there are benefits for those who have PCs and laptops who can run PBR almost effortlessly.  However, the elephant in the room will always be the vastly outdated engine that cannot handle this.

  7. Bottom line... PBR was meant for a new engine rather than the reverse-engineered, piecemeal engine that's been in place for years.

    No one wanted this and no one asked for this, yet LL put it in regardless and now they'll have to hear all the negative comments about it.

    LL, PBR is standard for most games today because they have engines that can actually handle it.  The engine you reverse-engineered years back for SL cannot handle PBR... period.  There's a reason why old engines can't handle today's advances in graphics and PBR for SL shows that.  It might also be the reason why it was never really implemented because whomever was working on this realized that it was going to cause serious issues, most notably the drop in FPS for every person in SL, the massive lag the mirrors cause which also results in a massive drop in FPS and possible crashing.

    I hate to break it to LL, but if PBR is here to stay, then you must build a new engine that actually works with it.  Yes, people will need to upgrade or get new PCs or laptops that can accommodate PBR as it is now, but the bulk of it is engine side and the engine as it is cannot handle it.

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  8. PBR requires a new engine.  The piecemeal, reverse-engineered engine that's been in place for SL for years is now incompatible to what LL wants to do for SL.

    I tried to make a mirror a couple of times and crashed once.  When I successfully created a mirror, I noticed massive lag though my FPS, while in the sky was around 119FPS as opposed to it being in the 20s when I attempted to create one on land.

    Overall, my FPS dropped by at least 20FPS while on land due to PBR.

    PBR is not optimal for Second Life and will either force people to purchase new PCs or laptops that can handle it, or force people off SL.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Kyrie Deka said:

    I need to pull some time to go back and read more than page 1,

    but I watched the video in its entirety and

    two thoughts at that point, subject to learning more which I certainly hope I do so I can plan.

    (1) Re-Age-Verification coming soon.  Listen, I can prove I got no issue with Age Verification - full-on -- I did it when they had it before.  True, I suspect they hired a vendor to do it, and though at the time I hesitated, I did it anyway.  And I certainly am not gettin any younger.  Skip to today:  I have a RL management of data-storage and where/minimals rule I live by, and there's a reason I have that RL rule:  Fewer "vendors" of any kind that store my stuff, especially OFFICIAL stuff (like the kind you get US Passports with) is stored with, the better.  I don't just go shootin out my DL to any ole anything that asks me for it.  But back then I did it because I honestly wanted as-much "confidence" as possible that I was not ever gonna be standing next to a minor-user-avatar.  Period.  Never.  Anywhere.  IE Purchase property on an Adult sim, that was the highest confidence I could ever have really.  So I Age-Verified.  And they were somethin that vendor or whoever - I had to resend several times.  Each time I sent, there she goes across several internet speedways again - interception possible.  But I sent it, and I was happy I did. 

    I am not gonna be too keen, if I have to age-verify again = share and store on x# VENDOR sites again, my official ID, when I have already verified for this very site, and no one UN-AGES years later from adult to minor.  One verify, should be enough, and if they trusted that vendor back then to say yes/no over 21, then it should still apply to me.  Else, more risk to me - in the RL realm, impacting my RL management rules.  

    So I will be hoping that Age-Verification, if already gone through the process, will use that same "already verified" process, to qualify folks, without them having them send something to some new vendor again.  Not to keen on that one at all if not.  Focusing on the entertainment factor, it rains on my value of coming here, if I have to age-verify again.  

    I want Age-Verify.  Great news!  But let's figure out a way to not conflict with my RL best practices and burdening me with just one (or more database) storage risk.  This isn't a complaint.  Its asking what if any affect, prior Age Verification here will have on future Age-Verification requirements.  I will be thrilled if it auto-qualifies (as it very well should).

    Age verification should be implemented when you sign up.

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  10. 23 minutes ago, BilliJo Aldrin said:

    really its not the same at all. 

    Suppose you go out on a date with a 16 yr old you assumed was 18, especially if she lied and said she was 18.

    It's statutory [bad word here] if you are caught.

    But you can't go out on a "date" with a 6 yr old and plead ignorance of their age.

    But officer, I swear, I thought she was 10

    No, you still get put on a very specific list for the rest of your life, regardless of the minor being 16... or even 6.  Not only that, but if the offender gets put into general population, and depending on the word that gets spread around in prison, the implications for said offender become that much worse.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, BilliJo Aldrin said:

    I give up, if you can't see the difference between s e x with a 16 yr old, and s e x with a 6 yr old, there is no point in continuing this discussion

    Both offenses will automatically put the offender on the list for life, but the difference would be what happens to that offender behind bars.  Let's just say that for one... the implications are much worse.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Luna Bliss said:

    I was referring to her blanket statement regard legalities in the US -- it was not accurate:

    "Both are literally jailbait in the US as both are minors".

    But how this plays out in a court of law (more weight being given to the location of a company, and in which situations), I don't know.  More importantly, I don't know how the laws could change in the future regardless of the current precedents.

    As BilliJo said, since LL is located in sunny California, the age of consent is 18.

    As such, we're all going by what LL has to follow when it pertains to the age of consent.

    Like I said, reaching the age of 16 doesn't mean you can go and perform inappropriate actions as you would still be considered as a minor in every state... regardless of the age of consent.  It doesn't matter.  The person performing said actions upon a 16-year-old can be charged.

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  13. 2048x2048 textures are a double edged sword.  SL, at best, can handle the 1024x1024 textures without much of an issue.  The only way SL can handle the 2048x2048 textures is if they put a whole new engine in that can actually handle it.  They also shot themselves in the foot with this, and making everyone pay more to upload the 2048x2048 textures definitely won't help as creators will have to raise prices on what they make.

    That other issue... that one will have to be a wait and see what comes from it as we can only speculate what what they may, or may not, want to do with this one.

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