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  1. Some people will have issues, we agree on that, but its not 2014 anymore, tech moves forward in every other aspect of life and I dont think that remaining stagnant would be the right choice for an already old plataform like SL.
  2. I heard ape holders can use multiple slurp juices on a single ape.
  3. If this was the case, junkies would just rotate through a big list of dealers for huge savings.
  4. This is really the last thing I expected LL to make, after banning gachas I thought it was an ideological stand against abusive practices. But a money-sink casino with no payout, while technically legal, seems like a 180° turn from what I imagined was policy to protect its users.
  5. Tenes una forma de pago actualizada en tu perfil web de SL ?
  6. Unlinking and enabling physics on a 250+ prims building I had. Made a party out of it, invited a couple of friends, it was great. The thing collapsed and exploded like it was fireworks. Since the whole thing was contained in my plot of land, it ended like a ball pit, but made of prims, and we dived in and played around until things got too clippy and it started flooding the neighbors with sharpnel, so I cleaned the thing up.
  7. ChatGPT has the same issue, it can be improved to the point that it makes coherent stories and it can create rhymes but it will never write "El cantar del mio Cid.", there is a human quality in great works of art, a description of the world through the eyes of an individual. Its like when you see a movie, a TV show or a story driven video game and you think "this was written by committee." as a derogatory term, it lacks a personal touch or it was manufactured with mass appeal in mind. ChatGPT is the biggest committee out there, a huge crowdsourced pool of writters where there is no individual voice or vision.
  8. I mean, a movie director, or a cinematography director are also dealing with subjects that are not their own, personal creation. With the exception of natural landscape photographers you could argue that all photographers, SL and RL are just recreating someone elses work. But being a photographer you definitely know that the how and the why you decide to protray something is a lot more important than the object that is being portrayed itself. There is an intention in the subject and in the framing of that subject, and that is the work of the artist or the technician. An image generator has no such capabilities, and all the user can do is generate a large number of samples and pick the one that matches their needs best. The problem with the current models for image generation, is that they can only work from things they have already absorbed, as good as the images look to the untrained eye, the model itself has the built in limitation in that it cannot generate original ideas and that it has no will or intention. The only improvements that can be made are on the technical side, numbers of fingers and more coherent images, but thats it.
  9. This doesnt work for SL or for any profesional endeavor, you would have to double check every line of code because it usually messes up and will write as a common denominator, so also you will have to optimize, for building even worse, remesh tools are still hit or miss, a model done by AI would need to be retopo-ed and optimized. Sometimes the fixing process can be longer than starting from zero. Also, the Ramones son from page two reads nothing like a Ramones song.
  10. I dont think there is a sudden uptick in voice requirements, naturally as people get used to using voice in their computers through other programs, they will find the option more natural. But I dont think that voice is the new planking or that people are being shunned from SL society for not using voice. My guess is the OP had a single situation where someone asked them to use voice and proceeded to make the clickiest of baitiests thread title.
  11. I learned a bunch of stuff thanks to/through SL. when I found some animesh stuff, my head nearly exploded and decided there and then that I would master animesh. And then I realiced that animesh is like the last step in a long process of skills, so I started from the bottom, making very basic, static mesh objects, learned about weights, topology, physics maps, UV maps and texturing. Learned about good practices, workflow, how to build stuff with other people, and eventually got to rigging, thats a whole topic on its own. I still havent made animesh stuff outside of a couple of test examples, along the way I found out that I enjoy making clothes more than animesh stuff, so my goal changed as I learned and tried new stuff. Trying to learn everything at once is really hard. just like trying to start from the top. To anyone learning.... pretty much anything, I would always give them the same advice, build a strong foundation, do not skip the fundamentals, practice what you learn before you move up in difficulty.
  12. Like others stated, I dont think the OS is the issue, but the fact that you are using a 32bit OS. I loved Win7 but I eventually had to migrate to Win 10 for compatibility reasons, this is a cycle that has repeated itself since the DOS days, arbitrarily wanting to stop ptime at 32bit Win7 is not a long term solution, it wasnt a long term solution 10 years ago. Honestly, people keep complaining that SL is dated, and this might be one of the reasons, having to support extremely outdated rigs. Win 7 is from 2009 ! 64bit computers have been available sincec 2003. I would love if I could play SL in my ATARI 800XL, connected to my 14 in tube TV, but at some point we have to accept that technology moved on.
  13. Clothes would require a lot of alpha cuts, underwear with straps that can turn on and off exist, but it would be nearly impossible for things like trousers with a belt, fitting every lenght of shirt or sweater/jacket. If there was a set of standards, and it would be a HUGE list, it "could" potentially work, but at the same time it would limit creators a lot if you have to stick to a number of specific lenghts and shapes. I think that clothes sometimes clipping, is something we just have to live with. Most male clothing already has to hide the whole body because creators cant rig to save their life, asking them to also follow a standard of compatibility with other clothes creators, when they cant make their creations compatible with ONE body is asking a lot.
  14. You are doing the thing, where you inject an unnecesary topic that will definitely get the thread locked.
  15. You say "realistic" but most likely it´s just your perception, biases and all. The answer is very simple, you can do whatever you want, and if you do something offensive, people will call you out on it.
  16. I keep missing this lovely threads, and finding them when they are already way too mature for me to read every comment, that´s the real racism, excluding me from the early spoils of these threads.
  17. This is a great thread. The only real solution for the OP, is to stop using teen-looking avatars in adult places. No one cares if your backstory says that you are actually a 200 year old cat-god or whatever. And ditch the anime head, it looks ridiculous.
  18. Good! I love this. I have also gone to a bunch of places thinking there was traffic, and found a bunch of non-bots boosting traffic. But I am too lazy to report and I always think "well... someone else will report them." And now someone else has come and my lazy worldview has been vindicated!
  19. you are looking for investors, sell us the thing better, show us numbers a proof of concept, anything.
  20. You should watch Dan Olson´s video "Manufactured Discontent" to see what how a plataform can push the user to buy certain items, particularly the ones that are to express oneself.
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