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  1. @Nalates Urriah - I really appreciate that information. I didn't realize I would have to wait an hour after turning off the av to see if that would make a difference. I will try that first.
  2. I have seen this issue all over the web, without a solution. I bought a new machine - mid level gaming. It has a Ryzen 7 with an onboard Vega 8 gpu - 8 gb of ram. 8 gb of DDR4 Ram in the machine. It exceeds the specs for SL, plays Senua and Inquisition with no issue. This machine has been stellar for SL in terms of everything except appearance and changing items/outfits. The GPU temps on the machine are well within normal gaming range. When I go to Edit Appearance and try to alter the avatar itself, it literally takes up to 2-3 min to load. The screen freezes and sometimes blinks back and forth from black. Once the Edit options load, I can edit. However, when I scroll to the next set of options, the same thing happens. I also often have a similar issue with clothing and attachments from inventory. This happens with attachments on the avatar or starting from naked. I have also shut down everything on the machine except the viewer; no change. I have read that this is a common issue since the Windows10 update. I have yet to see a solution. I have adjusted settings about a half dozen times. this happens in Firestorm, SL viewer, Singularity (all latest viewers) and one more that I tried and uninstall because it was the same. (Can't remember which one.) Is anyone else here having this problem? I am on ethernet, Xfinity, with an average bandwidth of 275 stable. I look forward to responses. Thank you! Location: Baytown, TX Location InWorld: Everywhere I go it is the same, regardless of whether public or private, even when I am the only avie and there is no lag otherwise.
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