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  1. yes it has to be a problem in the viewers them self because it works on every thing else like my games and skype or what ever other program i use!. just one more crappy thing they have messed up with the viewer updates to firestorm and sl as well as other viewers they really need to stop messing things up!. this is the problem with changing to new versions so damned offten cant they stop making so many half ass changes and stop messing with parts of the program that actually worked damnit!
  2. Hi i have been using the newer maitreya BOM and catwa and realised when you have a real high complexity past so high a complexity point i will log in the 1st time for the day i will log in and my avatar can't move being stuck in place then have to log out and back in just so i can move i'm thinking it has to do with this because i have an other avatar account that have full mesh but are not using the newer BOM versions of the same body and head and one that has an older cheap mesh avi and they never have this happen also when i remove the BOM and switch to an pre BOM version it don't happen ether! just some thing that i have come across to make note of for anyone using BOM. wonder why it does this. that or when you crash in a sim it also has me stuck in place when i log back in.
  3. im having the same problem to what do you have to do to get it to work so i can hear others? all my settings seem to be correctly set but still cant hear others!.
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