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  1. HI Nick, While your sense of responsibility and commitment to condom use is really laudable, sadly many men don't share that responsibility. Condom use is really problematic across society (probably shouldn't be, but it is) and largely (sadly, speaking as a man) the problem lies squarely with men. If for no other reason than the "receiving partners" are the ones disproportionately most at risk from the consequences of unprotected sex and thus we men tend to shirk our share of the responsibility. I do therefore agree with Finite that there are many initiatives under way which seek to either educate men specifically, empower women more, and/or find other interventions. For a really interesting read on this have a look at https://www.bustle.com/wellness/why-dont-guys-like-condoms-like-unprotected-sex Also in terms of your request for alternative interventions against HIV, have a look at https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/prep.html
  2. I think you're giving the male population of SL too much credit. I'm thinking the test is a little bit like how you test if pasta is cooked - if you throw it at the wall and it sticks, then probably worth a quick rinse.
  3. If everyone just stuck to SL sex, the only responsibility the man would have is to occasionally wash the sock.
  4. Thanks for this Scylla, for what it's worth I agree with you completely (currently more a poisoned chalice than anything - sorry πŸ™‚) The only thing I'd say additionally is that, from a business environment analysis, the scope of external stakeholders affecting SL policy will also include: Sales prospects (prospective new channels, business partners, consumer groups/demographics) Investors From my perspective these are critical to any promising future for SL; one which doesn't see it relegated (as some commentators predict) into simply being a virtual sex and kink platform. Maybe I'm just misreading the writing on the wall, but isn't it the case that: the current pool of residents (measured by concurrency and/or DAUs) and associated economic activity is contracting and has been for a long time (despite a much misinterpreted COVID bump)? Genuine new signups that stay longer than 5 minutes are also stagnant, indicating that the current offering isn't attractive and that current marketing and onboarding isn't working? Any attempt at a PESTLE (ish) analysis for SL now versus 2 years ago (pre acquisition and and pre COVID) suggests the need for a change - which I'm sure the new owners are only too aware of.. That's just me though and, as revealed by my ignorance of the brand names within the SL sex industry πŸ™‚, what do I know? Genuinely though I do have a lot of love for SL - admittedly more so from my first incarnation (back in 2005-2007) - but that might be more to do with where I am now vs then. Really I'm just open for a debate, for which I agree I sometimes err too much on the side of obnoxious "Devil's Advocate"! Anyway, that's my last post on this subject (everyone will pleased to know) because I know I've hammered it ad nauseum.🀐
  5. Lessons for us all I think (me included). I admit I'm guilty more than most of the whole "Come writers and critics, Who prophesize with your pen" thing, but the future interests me and I enjoy taking a punt at guessing what's around the corner. We'll all see what's coming soon enough πŸ˜€
  6. First off I'm sorry for the various analogies. To be fair the "aging cows" thing was more a reference to the fact that I think the current population and business model is seen as a cash cow asset to be sweated with the minimum investment, rather than an insinuation residents are seen as individuals displaying any sort of bovine traits. In this context then, yeah of course, if you have a pool of residents only 40% of whom are premium and/or own land, it's always easier to sweeten the deal and try to convert the remaining 60% to fee paying customers. That's not even a strategy, that's just tactical, It's cheap and easy and doesn't hurt you too much if it fails. By all means take some petty cash from the pot (because I'm sorry, but relatively that's all it cost) and plop out a new set of Linden Homes or whatever. Again, sorry for the analogy in advance, but it's like waving a shiny cheap trinket in front of a baby to distract her while you change her diaper. The trouble is that pot of prospects is finite and seems to be contracting. Personally (for what its worth) my reading of the situation is that the new owners aren't here just to sweat the assets for the next 10 years and then call it a day - which ironically feels like the preferred option for many in these forums. Given the rapidly evolving ecosystem for businesses like SL, there are incredible opportunities in the short term to leverage SL into something great - something that makes the current revenue streams look pretty small. In order to take advantage of these opportunities however, a lot will have to change including how SL is perceived as a brand and the values it communicates to the wider world. Which means modifying some policies and accepted behaviours, particularly for people flagged as potentially vulnerable, whether by age or observed behaviour or whatever other metric LL wants to use. I do admit one of many flies in my ointment, is that in my mind's eye I have a halcyon view of what SL might evolve into - and truly I don't expect anyone here to share that view. I mean if you really wanted to, SL could stay as it is give or take and be a self supporting backwater for 10 years, and that might be fine. Another way might be to forget porn and gambling controls and any other behavioural interventions, SL could be the virtual pornhub of 2025 - a good living to be made in that. To be fair we've already imported the whole lovesense thing I believe into our sex clubs so we're not against opening up a bit to the brave new world! A hard NO to "pixie dust" NFTs and the Blockchain, but by all means let's get some of that LoveSense action on board πŸ˜€ It all depends on your personal vision for the future of SL and how we might get there.
  7. I think the point I'm making Rowan is that nobody really cares what the current pool of aging (both in terms of SL and RL) residents think - least of all the new owners, nor any prospective investors. You guys are a given, you're the aging cow the farmer keeps on for its dwindling milk production, right up until it costs more to keep you than he would make by sending you off to the local abattoir. Mostly you're prime examples of the sunk cost fallacy, LL could institute a new technology tomorrow which relegated avatars to decorated poo emoji and you wouldn't leave. I keep hearing people on these forums shout "PERSUADE US - SELL IT TO US" - trust me, nobody's selling to you. I know it sounds really harsh and I apologise for that, but I just want to really clearly articulate some things. LL was "acquired" by Randy and Brad. I'm just going to ask what people here think the motivations where for that. Why did LL decide it was time to sell out, why did Randy and Brad think SL was a worthy of their cash? Whatever the reason, R & B will be looking at two things (not rocket science by the way): ROI (Return on Investment) - if they decide to keep SL and develop it, they'll be expecting a decent ROI over the medium to long term. I can guarantee that if SL stays as it is with no major changes to platform and target demographic and adhere to merely satisficing the current aging pool of residents - they ain't going to get anywhere near that ROI. A forecast profitable Exit. Nobody, and I mean nobody looks at an acquisition like this without considering when and how they might exit, which at the end of the day means answering the question "Who in hell will buy this thing off of us when we're done?". Whatever people here think, all the gradual incremental changes in technology and online behaviour we've seen over the past decade are now reaching critical mass and I think most commentators and the investors who listen to them agree that the next 5 years isn't going to look anything like the past 15. (just to reiterate - you guys can agree with the forecasts or not - nobody actually cares). To cut the chase, and I'm as sad about it as you, the fact is "What it looks like", is much more important than "What it is". So for SL: Less latitude when it comes to accepted behaviour and acceptance of "kinks". More sensitivity as to what transactions are accepted through Tilia. Nobody wants even a whisper of Tilia being a glorified laundering mechanism for virtual prostitution or gambling (just two examples). More necessity to be perceived as a Good and Responsible actor in today's zeitgeist. So implementing policies which "appear" to manage levels of addiction and general emotional wellbeing - including the expulsion in the event of any hint of sexism, misogyny, or illegal sexual behaviour - notice I emphasise the word "hint". That's it really. I completely understand nobody on these forums agree with this and I'm completely open to the resulting ridicule - sorry and all that πŸ˜€
  8. I know I should Lindal, I'm just a bit contrary that's all πŸ˜€ It is getting to the point that I can feel the ambient level of paranoia escalate by 90% in any room I enter. Seems most SL residents have at least one skeleton in the cupboard they'd rather not see again in alt form πŸ˜€
  9. Sorry Lindal, sadly that was just my poor attempt at humour πŸ˜€ My avatar and profile is as described though, so you can imagine unsolicited friend requests are in pretty short supply (not unknown though) πŸ˜€
  10. I'm 2 months old, I have an empty profile, and I'm wandering around in a system avatar. This friends thing you speak of, what exactly is that?
  11. I just wanted to completely agree with Orwar on this. For me the thing which is particularly problematic here is the potential for this "kink" to genuinely and irrevocably ruin someone's life. I admit I'm a bit naΓ―ve about a lot of things, but it always seems to me that most other kinks are relatively safe to indulge in and any discomfort and/or pain is temporary. With this, even if the introduction between parties happens in SL, there is the potential that this "paypig" may literally be financially ruined in RL, which impacts not only his life but also the lives of any dependents. Then there is the increasing frequency of suicides associated with financial issues, which worries me in in this context as well. Either way, it feels to me that this lifestyle requires a lot of care and responsibility on the part of the Domme.. which I'm not sure this OP seems even cognisant of, never mind competent to provide.
  12. I understand that there are a few people on these forums that firmly believe history is destiny. The logic (if it can be called that) goes that SL has "survived" in its current state for over a decade - despite all previous harbingers of doom and gloom. As a result its obviously safe to extrapolate and spin that history into a future of many more years of support for a stagnant economy, anachronistic culture, and dwindling user base. Nobody is forecast to make any real ROI, but that's ok because look how realistic my boobs are. The truth is there are lots of genuinely new legal, societal, technological changes and pressures which are beginning to impact SL and the rest of the online world. Given current research shows that Americans spend (on average) around 30% of their time online, the idea that we as individuals and our associated behaviours won't also come under scrutiny and legislation is pretty silly. In the beginning of course it won't be legislation which reflects and attempts to mitigate these pressures (however there are already quite well funded lobbying groups attempting to do just that). It'll actually be commercial online businesses across social media, gaming and yes virtual worlds pushing the changes. All of whom need new investors and customers with deep pockets, and consequentially need to be seen as responsible actors and display an adherence to the same set of brand values as this target demographic. Much talk on these forums has been around the future of SL - what the new hires mean - what the new owners are thinking when they institute changes to ToS. If you think their strategy is to invest good money after bad in developing clever, commercially and technically savvy ways to keep SL as it is and keep the current slowly decreasing user base happy, then sadly I think there's a lot of disappointment coming your way. Nobody hired the new VP of engineering for his ability to manage a jira backlog of low priority BAU concerns and gripes. I suspect the new owners of SL will gradually institute tighter controls over user behaviour and attitudes, not really because they care about your potential addictive tendencies or ensuring your civil liberties as a self determining adult. It will all be done purely to ensure that SL is seen as a safe and socially palatable haven for investors to place their money and expect a good ROI in the forecast context of the next 5 to 10 years. So is it likely that SL will institute some sort of access control to minimise the potential for addictive behaviour? In the short term probably not - however in the medium term maybe. Either way, the deciding factors really won't include whether or not a few of the current residents lose out on some fishing time or feel their imagined civil liberties to be infringed.
  13. Sorry people, just ignore. In the end turned out I hadn't cleared the cache properly after all. When I did, normal service was resumed πŸ˜€
  14. HI animats, First off, thanks for all your really well informed posts on this subject. It's something that's really close to my heart both here and as part of my RL day job, and I always walk away from your posts having learned something πŸ˜€ The only difference in perspective I have with this excerpt is the reliance on in-house platform specific tools and IP protection mechanisms. In my view it's only a matter of time before we have open interoperability standards across the industry which will allow creators to create, distribute and profit from their work seamlessly across multiple platforms (nothing new really for SL creators to do their work external to SL as it is) It'll also help consumers because they won't have to support multiple discrete presences across multiple platforms, as an example a single shirt or outfit will be bought once and then duplicated seamlessly and at zero cost across multiple platforms. There are certain interoperability standards and asset classes emerging as we speak, I won't mention them here though because I don't want to be called out (maybe completely fairly ) for indulging too much in some sort of buzzword hyperbole. I can see however that this sort of approach and potential tools have been discussed extensively in this thread already - so I'm probably not saying anything new. πŸ˜€ Anyway, this sort of approach is nothing new obviously in any sort of engineering or creative process. My RL product backlog would be going nowhere fast if the team didn't spend most their time on Stackoverflow and leveraging third party APIs. In my short time in SL I can see that it definitely has some great USPs which could make it a great success in the coming few years. My view is that it should "stick to the knitting" as we used to say back in the day, which isn't building content creation tools or IP protection standards from scratch. I genuinely feel SL has a really bright future if it offloads the responsibility for building tools and ownership/trust mechanisms (things which we're not great at any more) but concentrated on the platform dynamics (things which SL is still great at) by virtue of being being a leader in openness to interoperability standards (embryonic as they are). Anyway, in a bit of a rush, so sorry but probably haven't articulated very clearly. Thanks again.
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