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  1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. In the end I managed to get my texture to work with the original flexi hair and used a Stealthic short bob mesh in place of the one that came with the hair originally because it did not take the gradient too well. @auntiemishaI did grab that hair, it has a lot of volume and for 1L it's a bit of a steal, just need to see if I can get my colour gradient to work, pity they didn't share the texture files with the purchase. Ah well, work for some other day.
  2. @Stephanie Misfit Thanks a lot for the suggestion! I spent a few hours looking through their store and other full perm hairs and none of them have quite the right full/'floofy' feel to them, @Elena Core Thanks! I did go through Doux's store, I love the curls and the texture, they're really beautiful. Unfortunately the colours are where it falls apart for me, the gradient hair has been an integral part of her character for years
  3. Thank you Rowan. I remember checking out this store early on and there definitely are some nice curls and braids in there
  4. I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of some creators that do full heads of curls like this, preferably either with mod permissions (willing to make my own textures) or a gradient option that goes from very dark blue to a turquiose/cyan : this amount of body with a texture like this (which I made for a different 3D avatar platform) The hair on the left is a flexi hair by HoMage, I tried my texture with it but ended up with issues with the alpha that were too noticeable to ignore (a more knowledgeable friend suggested that it may be that the hair didn't make good use of the different alpha options). I've checked the stores of Stealthic, Truth, Doux, Wasabi, no.match, Analog Dog, Rama, Platinum, Fabrixquare and Phoenix to name a few and can't find anything that quite measures up. I'm new to SL so I'm sure I've probably missed more than a few gems out there. I'm open to all types of hair. Thanks all.
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