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  1. Thankyou I checked out Belli and that is really different from most continents,maybe I should try new things other than what I used to do.road travel brings me to more destinations and I find it actually much more fun than up in the sky .
  2. The sim on sale southern to wolf spirit airport seems to be banning script making planes crash soon after takeoff. Ma-757 landing gear problem.The second time I can’t extend landing gear .neither Automatic landing command or manual extend works everything else was fine (control ,flaps,lights) one guy kept asking me for sex...should I block him?
  3. Why not join a virtual airline and fly you get tips while enjoying the scenery of our beautiful virtual world.No skills needed!
  4. That’s true.While bellisseria is beautiful,it’s just a residential continent featuring little other kinds of places,while sailing along the coast or river is relaxing there’s too little places u can go,just endless empty big town thus somewhat discouraging socializing.Decorating own home is never the main theme of SL.SL is about exploring new destinations making new friends and expect the unexpected.While having a Linden home is cool, an entire continent of homes is somewhat umm.... For many people Bellisseria is barely more than a waterway connecting Sansara and Jeogeot and that’s where the problem lies .How am I supposed to explore the continent when I have almost no major airport to land on ,no major harbor to sail to ,and no obvious popular destination to tp to,it doesn’t make sense.Many people including me would rather fly across the entire continent enjoying the beautiful scenery beneath without stopping and head for somewhere else. I personally suggest LL add some places of interest, somewhere for us to gather to the beautiful continent . .I don’t have a Linden home ,just a free user,And I call my D-737 (gift from a really nice guy )home,Jetting around the grid going to new places.I never decorate my flying home due to the jet being unmodifiable. Maybe I can save those time for traveling and exploring!
  5. Thanks that explains.Now I myself mostly fly alone and to non-airport destinations exploring different places.Landing a Cessna/Piper to somewhere never been before is more fun compared to an airliner at another airport.The reason why I sometimes miss the old days is that I spent most of my first SL days traveling from place to place by air since I didn’t know much destinations then.But you’re right flying can be much more fun than just airline flight.A flight on my Piper cub can always bring me to places I’ve never imagined
  6. Planes by Mikoto.I often fly her Cessna 182 and Piper 18.Her models are by helijah uploaded by ZZ ,GTFO enabled,and she gave them to me for free!
  7. Actually one way to avoid sim crossing lag is to fly slow.For example the D-737 can fly without stalling at 25% throttle flap up this somewhat very unrealistic feature actually helps it survive sim crossing better.Also avoid high prim airports where u smash the tarmac before u can do anything.I occasionally fly my cesna 182 in Blake sea and everything seems fine
  8. I really miss the days about a year ago when I first joined SL.It was at Hollywood airport that I took my first SL flight.Those days u could see planes arriving and departing.I love airports like Whitestar,SL international,Axon.At the now removed old terminal of SLinternational I met lethra and joined SLBA.But now a can barely take any passengers and Airliners can be barely seen flying,Is there any problem with our aviation since sim crossing problems we used to encounter frequently are now less common and continents are being connected by linden homes which makes it a better experience to fly in the SL sky
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