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  1. ...nods...allright....it's most certainly the connection through the phone that gets the ping high. Indeed, i had no tp issue when i had a proper modem. Sooooo.... Thanks again for your time, take care :)
  2. Hey there Rolig How are you ? My holidays are over, unfortunately....so as you said, i watched the Stats bar...and t appears that the Ping Sim is over 150 ms (between 220 and 260 actually). The packets dropped are 0% though. Do you think that this ping is the cause of the tp issues ?
  3. No i didnt do that. I will try that later because i'm going on holidays tomorrow :). I thought it might also come from my router which is my phone actually. I'm using it with a connection sharing through USB. Maybe the connection is less goodthan with a modem although the speed test says i've got a very good connection. Anyway, i'll try again when i come back. Thanks a lot for your help :)
  4. I did the clean install process and it seemed to work well at first but i still get disconnected at the third tp. What a pain
  5. No I havent. Maybe i should try that. Thanks for your anwer :)
  6. Yes i know but sometimes the regular way of closing it wont work. So that's why i have to close SL the hard way. But i will try Ctrl Q, thank you.
  7. Hello, I often get disconnected when tping. Usually, the first and second tp are fine but afterwards i'm getting disconnected when trying to tp. The tp load bar is going very slow but i can still chat. And people at the arrival destination see me arriving "in pieces". Usually i get disconeected after a while and when relogging in a different place, it seems like my avi is in two places at once, my new one and the one i tried to reach before. I've been told "ah here you are" when i was in a totally different region. So it seems like there are differnet instances running at the same time that prevents me from tping. And also, when i need to close SL with Ctrl Alt Del, i have many Firestorm's processes working at the same time. Could anyone help me witht his issues ?
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