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  1. You get tossed into a pit of fire, where a guy with a pointy beard will poke you with a trident for eternity. (there isnt much one can do as a creator, to police SL or the MP for abuses of terms in resident to resident agreements, if the offender is "big" enough, it could suffer from popularity loss, maybe. It´s a subject that could make you lose sleep at night if you let it, but you shouldnt.)
  2. ohhh, what is the currenty climate? Im dying to know
  3. PSA: "lol" is not a punctuation mark.
  4. I think you almost nailed the OPs issue when interacting with other residents.
  5. Orbs are evil 90% of the times, so I would stay clear of it and/or refuse it´s demands.
  6. I was out driving on mainland last night, did a whole continent. I could barely accelerate beyond first gear, because of loading time. I ran into ONE other car during the whole trip, so not too many accidents on the roads. The only problems I had was accidentally stepping on yellow lines during sim crossing. So if you want to improve road safety, go lobby against yellow lines.
  7. Then why would you spread it?
  8. I heard you get Jolene preloaded into the chip
  9. OMG! I remember parking, I was a kid and my parents had a ton of superstitions regarding what was safe for that generic XT 8080. Best gaming computer, you could turn off Turbo and play the games in slow motion, very useful to get that record time in prince of persia.
  10. To me, the best way to learn is to practice, and to observe how other people make their emotes. Not to copy someone completely, but to get a general idea of the structure, how many actions or adjectives you can cram in there without it becoming a confusing mess or just some empty description of something obvious. Being well read doesnt hurt. That was for emoting, RPing is subject to a TON of other RP specific rules that, even when people say they know how to RP, they dont. Like using your characters voice instead of your own, diegetic and non-diegetic text, god modeing and knowing how to keep all that in mind without taking too long and boring the people you are RPing with.
  11. Oddly, what jumped at me when I saw the different serches shown in this thread, was how the less diverse results show mostly pictures produced on photoshoots or movie stills, while the more diverse search results show a lot of amateur/personal pictures. The fact that media has a racist bias is and has always been true, but I think that if you filter out "artificial"* pictures, the result is more diverse in general. * artificial as in, it was produced for a brand or product.
  12. If I was the devil I would fire you right now. Anyway, more to the OP´s topic, Im a straight dude, and I dont even go out much to community sims, but I have seen the LGBTQI tags in the places that I go, like scenic sims, and parks, where there are often couples dance animations and places to sit and cuddle. And all of this dances and poses are made for straight, traditional couples. So even if no one is going to ban or eject you from the sim, I think it´s still wrong to use the tags if you dont provide any ammenities for the communities that you are adverticing for.
  13. No they wont, Amazon has already sent millions of other shops to the grave, and will continue to do so, at some point, in many places the only job available will be amazon adjacent, and then you can choose to piss on a bottle for less than minimum wage doing full time hours of hard warehouse work, or be homeless. The abuses of the free market will never self correct, if amazon is not forced to pay decent wages and forced to treat their workers with dignity, they.will.not.
  14. what discussion? you just want people to tell you that it´s fine to copybot stuff.
  15. This, the body as it comes out of the box is jarring, but Ive seen some users work miracles with the kupra body, really well balanced and good looking shapes. On the other hand, the Katena body, that´s the one I never liked. BTW are the Katena and Kupra made by the same team? Their posters and stuff look very similar, and they cater to the same audience.
  16. I agree with this, Legacy Athletic body seems close to what the OP is looking for, and is not as terribly dated as the Niramyth one. However, I have always had a problem with the neckline in the Legacy body, even with BOM, that I didnt experience while I was using Signature. (although signature doesnt have the body type the OP is looking for)
  17. This is usually the case, except for houses or big builds that require a physics map, since the weight will scale with size/volume. You want to keep the volume as low as possible, sometimes uploading walls individually will reduce the weight of the house considerably. (and optimizing it in other ways, like making large flat surfaces be regular prims, etc.) Just as an anecdote, I made a house that was 350li, that would go down to 50li when shrinking it in-world. Sorry about the off-topic tangent.
  18. Just dont copybot stuff, or more likely, stop copybotting stuff.
  19. I make mesh clothes on commission, it would help if you give more information, like how many pieces of clothing, what bodies specifically, how soon do you need them, etc. I personally would charge around $L 3000 for each distinct piece of clothing, full perm, and $L 500 for each extra body that you want it rigged to, asuming I have the devkit for the body you need. Are you going to need shoes too? is the uniform unisex, or do you need pants and skirts. Do you have any pictures of something similar to what you are looking for?
  20. I didnt know I had to be a member of the guild to post a comment, you should edit your OP to reflect that only verified store owners can post, using their main account. Good luck enforcing it.
  21. And how does that affect my arguments, Sherlock Holmes ?
  22. For my money, the best demo is the one that is not timed, and the demo sign is not blocking the view of the item. I also dont like some of the demo textures, because Id like to see what the original textures are going to look like. Just make sure the demo is no-mod.
  23. Just to summarize, individual control: good, discrimination: bad. I hope that clears up any misunderstandings.
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