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  1. Ok Am a newbie this time around and some would probably say a little inexperienced in Sl,Whilst that is true have been in Sl Before and I cant help noticing that every time wit one exception have had sex with a Guy (a) few seldom do any meaningful foreplay. (b0 Quite a few don't make effective use of emotes that aside the majority at some point decide that my ***** and nipples are hard and am wet PLEASEEE GUYS Stop telling us that We are Girls we and only we know when we are wet and arosed its getting more than a little annoying. muc as I like Guys its in danger of turning me into a total Lesbian
  2. I too came back to sl after a break so I fully get where you are coming from<already have a Dad and 2 sisters in sl but happy o be a girlfriend and ang out wit you am i sl most days, how sad is that I'm me inworld or send me a note card (Jannette) is my display name if youre stll looking
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