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  1. Yeah but this has choice stripping collars, cages, bondage gear, etc. That is more than enough for me, rp with them doesn't feel like rp at all
  2. Hey guys. I joined Second Life today after searching a lot.i was primarily looking for a game which could fulfill all my bdsm fantasies,and while meredian did a fine job, I wasn't quite satisfied since it mainly relied on roleplay and very few bdsm poses. Thats when my friend recommended Second Life to me, where i could live in aBDSM lifestype with a real Dom and experience it first hand, with realistic BDSM poses.thats when i knew i had to join. I wanted to experience being a slave, not just used for sexual pleasure, but involving real BDSM, including but not limited to bondage, Total Power Exchange(TPE), humiliation, etc. So now,here i am. I am looking for guys, who i can call my Master, but as we all know, this kinda relationship works when u have built the bond with your Dominant. So i want all interested guys to IM me, or leave ur usernames and i'll IM you, and see if we hit it off. My ign, if its not visible here, is: SubSerenaPK P.S- I don't want anything to do with irl, the relationship or lifestyle would be game only.
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