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  1. Thanks for the feedback, guess i will stick with firestorm for now :)
  2. I cant believe that i tried to make it work n so many different ways and the simple answer was to do just add them with no extra steps ^^ It work just fine now thanks for the support
  3. Hello everyone, I have been using the firestorm viewer for a while now and it has worked pretty well for me at the moment. however i stumbled on a link about Restrained Love and it got me curious since i just started some BDSM Rp and i was wandering if it could improve the experience. Can anyone tells me what features does this viewer have for this kind of scenario that its not present on other viewers? is it worth switching to it or is it mostly a marginal sidegrade compared to firestorm?
  4. Are there items that are limited to " in game store" and not purchasable via the marketplace search? I was trying to look for lelutka heads and i could not find the original item by Jaden Nova while " in person" it was available just fine. am i doing something wrong here or are there in store exclusives?
  5. I belive that i have activated the BOM enabled image 1 (unless the button needs to be dark to have it on?) regarding the skin what is it exactly? here is a pic of what i have equipped from maytreya folder, does this mean it does not come with a BOM skin and I need to buy one separately ?
  6. hello everyone, i just bought the Meytreya Lara body and i was trying to equip tattoos but i cant find a way to make it work. i have equipped the tattoo layer and i have it available in the HUD menu but when i click on some tatoos ( they have a red dragon icon instead of the yellow cube like other items )both wear and add are greyed out. I guess there is a step that I am missing somewhere. can anybody help a noob out?
  7. yep that was it, thank you for the quick support it was making me crazy ^^
  8. Hello everybody, i am quite new to SL and i have started to noticed recently that whenever i go back to something i already written and i try to add something it deletes one letter each time i write a new one is this some kind of setting that i have activated by mistake or has t always been the case? ( i use Firestorm by the way if that matters)
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