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  1. I have formatted my PC by sectors in theory I should not have any malicious software at this time what I want is to prevent it from happening to me again. Thanks
  2. Thanks for your answer I will follow your advice.
  3. Hello, they have traced my IP through my SL account and with a port attack they managed to enter my computer. I have formatted it and installed a paid antivirus with VPN but before going back in I would like to know if anyone knows of a method to avoid tracing in addition to the VPN I already have. Thanks
  4. Hola han rastreado mi IP a través de mi cuenta de SL y con un ataque de puertos consiguieron entrar en mi ordenador. LO he formateado y he colocado un antivirus de pago con VPN pero antes de entrar de nuevo me gustaría saber si alguien conoce un método para evitar los rastreos además de la VPN que ya tengo. Gracias
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