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  1. A large number of alts does help in being able to claim more homes so you have a better chance of getting one you really like. Kinda like buying more lottery tickets increases your chances of winning Thought I would try something different and answer the question instead of trying to tell someone why they shouldn't post here.
  2. While I think I know what the OP is trying to say, it is quite confusing as written. I shall try to be a bit more clear so hopefully Linden Lab might be able to make changes to make it more difficult for some people to easily obtain the prime locations. Quite a while ago some of us discovered that if we save the last page in the house claiming process, we can then go back later, click the box and claim a house that is sitting in maintenance but not showing on the webpage. This technique makes it possible to move a house from one account to another with a better chance of success. One day I was doing this while my page refresher had been left on, so discovered that the sold out page can be refreshed without timing out! This allows someone to grab an abandoned home in the category they are refreshing before it ever appears on the webpage and without watching the page constantly. I used the word 'grab' because some people are trying to dominate certain prime areas and control who gets the houses in their chosen spots. Other people must have made this discovery, too. I am not a technical person, but wondered if there was something that could be done to prevent the unlimited refreshing of the sold out page? This could help prevent people who know about this from claiming the prime locations before they appear on the webpage. This practice is making it difficult for others to have a chance at claiming abandoned Linden Homes in the more desirable areas and unlike multiple accounts has no benefit to Linden Lab. The above mentioned technique works only for claiming abandoned homes in a sold out category. The ability for some people to claim many homes in one region during a new region release requires many accounts and multiple browsers along with the time to watch the region - if it is a region people are watching and ready to claim homes as soon as it is released. The ability to claim multiple homes in a region is helped by something in the system that gives out more homes in the same region over and over. Sometimes this is because there is only one region being released. But in the case of the large rolling releases of new themes it can make it easier for one person to claim multiple homes in the same region - this also is what causes someone to get the same home over and over, even when there is plenty of inventory in a theme. If there was some way the system could allow an IP address to claim no more than 2 or 3 homes per region in a 24 hour period, perhaps that would limit both issues. Though I am certain someone would find a way around that, too! I don't understand how the land hud mentioned in the OP assists in getting homes aside from the fact that it can tell you if homes named 'Linden Home' are in fact owned by Linden Lab or by someone who named their parcel 'Linden Home' without inspecting each individual home. I also use it to count how many homes are in a region and how many are unclaimed. Trying to claim a specific parcel in a specific region is quite difficult, but alt armies would be helpful just because you would have more chances.
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