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  1. Implementation may not be perfect for everyone, but it is a step in the right direction. For those of us with thousands of real life money attached to our accounts (business owners, estate owners), this is a welcomed addition. For everyone else, use it if you want it. When LL makes it mandatory, see ya. But I doubt you’ll leave so, shhh.
  2. If you are on disability, you can get a free cell phone from many companies. Just saying edit to clarify that you get a free cell phone and service. Please use google.
  3. I’m thinking it stands for Super Cute Regions, for all the kids that are banned from Bellisseria now. The under 17 needs homes too!
  4. Actual cost of a sim when you consider month of tier is 120. As a seller, your prices are decent since there’s 2 weeks of tier left, IF the sim transfers out right away. Sometimes it takes a few days for LL to do their part. Now imagine it’s September 25th, and you don’t want to pay tier tomorrow? You would return the sim. I’ve always found the price of regular sims resale to be nothing since linden lab dropped the buy in price to $349. It was worth something back when sims were over $1k.
  5. Tbh the value of a full region resale is nothing. Unless you’re giving it away.
  6. You get free tier with a new sim purchase… so $349 + no transfer fees - $229 tier. Cost of sim is $120.
  7. Thank you! I have always wanted to know this figure. 1600 x roughly 20 homes per region is a whopping 32,000! We're a big chunk of income.
  8. Honestly, LL cannot predict what will be the most scarce theme 6 months from now. I don’t think the goal is to make ALL themes available always, but rather, you can get a Linden Home always, and keep trying. Having a glut serves no purpose except have some neighborhoods sit empty. For me, the appeal of LH is that it is in limited supply, not cloned stamped a thousand times (like the old LHs).
  9. surely they know how to terraform better than this
  10. If I didn’t want a fantasy before, this just sold me
  11. I agree with you, but be prepared for some people to disagree because they just love fantasy surfing bright plastic yellow pool living.
  12. some got homes on sea view, coral cottage, divers chamber, pirates perch.. all of them
  13. I was very sure Fantasy would be released today but now I’m wavering!!! Fantasy oh where art thou?
  14. They jumped the gun and gave fairy last names way too early, if that's the case.
  15. The point is missed here. You shared the list to residents, I would think you want it to be as accessible as possible. Telling people to print it out means you don’t understand how a spreadsheet like this would be used, so I won’t keep beating this dead horse. Lots of people share info online without being paid and they accept feedback and/or requests with an open heart. You might need to consider why asking for a format that you already have is making you feel upset lol
  16. Everyone calm down. I merely gave a suggestion. Since Frigga had already clearly done the work and has it in digital format. I didn’t ask her to go out of her way, but apparently I did. No idea why this is causing a stir. I’m more than capable of using an OCR scanner on the screen shots to convert. Just thought I would ask for everyone else that might appreciate digital format too. edit - where did I pester? Open discussion is dead here apparently. So many fragile egos.
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