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  1. If you are into fantasy or medieval themes and role-play, then take a look at Bree. This town is based off Bree from The Lord of the Rings and we even have the Prancing Pony. Grab a pint, food and play a round of games on our gaming tables at the tavern. We also have a gorgeous forest with fishing available. We've been incorporating the Aura Role Play system into the SIM if you're into that as well! The SIM connects to Hobbition and various other locations from Middle Earth. We have several rentals available for those looking to settle down. Medieval styled apartments are currently listed as 50L a week and our store fronts are listed as 50L as well. Buildings are 100% mesh. Come down to take a look http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cologne Bay/36/188/22 EDIT: Some small details are under construction (finishing the farm and adding the stables, but all properties are ready to move in! Contact myself or Kagnar Beck for more information or if you might be interested in role-playing with us!
  2. Hello all! I've never done this before, but was wondering if there is any fantasy/medieval woman's mesh clothing creators out there who could create a couple custom dresses for me. I'm role-playing on the official LOTR RP Sim as Arwen, and looking to get a handful of her dresses made in Second Life. I'm not sure what the pay is usually for these sort of things and this is all a bit new to me. I would like a resume of some creations if I we go forward with the project of course. I currently wear the Maitreya body. Once we go through the process, I can share some of the looks I want done. Anyway, thanks for reading and take care all.
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