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  1. I'm looking for a new AO, I currently have 2 Vista Animation ones (Erika and Sheila are the AO names) that I just don't like. I think it's just some of the poses don't look natural at all which I think is the most offputting. I'm looking for something more playful but stern.
  2. I have the skin from ITGirls and that shape.
  3. I have the latest Lara body and Lelutka Ryn 2.5.
  4. Lara mesh body, Lelutka mesh head. Won't let me post a pic on mobile. https://imgur.com/a/rfmK4Up
  5. I'm in need of some help with my Asian shape. I've made some small adjustments but overall I feel like it needs so much work. If you can assist, let me know here or in world and we can go from there.
  6. Can anyone recommend a dressier store for women? Things like silk blouses, skirts, stuff like that. Bonus points for sexier clothing! I use Maitreya Lara.
  7. I've been looking around for hairstyles like what Betty Page wore or similar pinup models. I've checked out a few stores but nothing quite like what I want. Here are some good examples of what I'm trying to find: https://www.pinterest.com/enchantra93/betty-page-bangs/. I am full mesh.
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