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  1. Thanks so much!! I got a new RLV collar and that was the cause of it! I never had that issue with my previous one, so that was totally new to me. Thanks for leading me down the right direction! ♥
  2. I have the Maitreya Body V5.3 and all BOM and I use the Firestorm-Releasex64 I never seen that icon before either and it confused me. I guess I should of wear it instead of adding it. The tip Theresa gave me helped with making a new one and wearing it. Thank you so much for your help too!
  3. The second one work!! Thank you so much! I also use the Firestorm-Releasex64 Sorry to bug you again, but I cant seems to replace my shapes. when I log in I can change my shape, but when trying to put on another shape it is all grayed out too. so I have to restart my firestorm, to be able to change my shape again. Not sure why that is happening, when I use to be able to change them 3 or 4 times a day.
  4. I also seem to have trouble replacing my shape now too. When I go to put on a new shape, it is all grayed out. I have to relog to be able to do it. I tried putting on a noob avi and it still my original shape.
  5. Right I understand that, but its not my skin/tattoo layer. I had to edit it and make it transparent so it doesn't show on my avatar cause I can't it off. It like permanently stuck on me.
  6. Hello! I bought these tanlines a couple week ago. They came with the tattoo layer and a universal one. I put on the universal one and now I can not take it off. It is grayed out. I tried putting on saved outfits that didnt have them on there and they are still there. Is there a way to remove it? Here is a picture of it. https://gyazo.com/adebb1b3974cca890119c0214b01be60 Thank you!
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