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  1. Sukiaholic Event is prepping for the second event that's opening on July 10th. We're looking to line creators up to make the process smooth and allow content creators the time they need. If you rent a booth between now and June 19th you will receive a 50% discounted price. That's right, that means Sponsor booths will be 1,000L and Regular booths will be 650L. After the 19th all booths go back to the original pricing of 2,000L/1,350L. July's theme is #Revivify where content creators take something that they've already made, something that might have been a popular item for their store, and give new life to it. Provide exclusive colors, maybe add something or remove something from it. Anything sold during this event will be discounted 25% off. If you're a content creator and interested, please DM me or Bay Suki directly here or in world for the application. You can also apply for the event by visiting the Sukiaholic Discord.
  2. Hello! As the title says we're looking to hire on a few people for the following positions: Discord Staff Marketing Manager Marketing Assistant Blog Manager Bloggers If you're interested in any of the following please join our Discord for more information in regards to what we're looking for, compensation and to apply. Everything is negotiable so please do not be afraid to reach out to us. Additionally, the Sukiaholic Shopping Event is set to open on June 12th! There is no current theme for the grand opening and booth costs are currently 50% off. If you're a content creator and would like to participate please join the Discord and fill out an application or feel free to message me directly on here. Our next event is opening on July 10th with a theme of #revivify, where you take something that you've already created and revivify it. Maybe add a different color pack, add something new and unique to it, it's up to you. We've started a line up for this event, so if you're interested in maybe joining the event for July reach out to us. Thanks, -Team Suki
  3. Heyyyy, So let me start off by saying, YES, I'm one of 'those' people. I've been in SL for 14 years and haven't roleplayed once. I've role played in other games like FiveM, but honestly, just never knew there was hardcore RP sims in Second Life until my partner mentioned it. With that being said where are some of the most interesting sims to visit for role play? I think I heard about one where you can go scuba diving and there are mermaids in the water, which sounds wonderful, but what else is out there? Can't wait to hear!
  4. We're sisters ^_^, but thank you for pointing it out I need that exposure, haha!
  5. Sukiaholic Event: A new monthly shopping event to get your shopaholic self some new stuff! When: Opening: June 12th We're currently looking for creators/designers would love to get some exposure and participate in the grand opening. The booth costs are currently 50% off, but that's a deal breaker, please message me so we can iron out some details. If you're interested or would like to know more, please check out our Google Form Application here: https://forms.gle/k9CjLjx4K4y8qfLGA Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and don't forget to check out our Facebook page for more information. Facebook
  6. Hiya! My name is Kasie - I've been in Second Life for over 14+ years. I'm looking for something to help pass the time. I am fluent in English and available between 8am - 10pm SLT. If you're hiring please let me know! I'm looking to get into real estate or retail, sorry I'm just not really big on being a host for a club, or a dancer, or anything like that. Interested in: Club management Management in general Retail Real estate Skills: Attention to detail Friendly Organized Motivated Quirky Reliable Honest Quick Learner Really open for anything, feel free to shoot me a message here or in world, Kasie Suki. Thanks for the opportunity!
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