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  1. i have lucybody selene so i could try maitreya clothes demos. or get a demo of the other mentioned bodys and see. but even just clothes wise i see a lot of slink and maitreya. i already have the male slink for very masculine men. tbh one of my accounts may just end up with maitreya and vtech while the other is the lucy body. im on this account more, so i may just get the cheaper lucy body on the other.
  2. Made the mistake of replying on this with my other avatar, saijito, while i was on mobile. but yes i will try out lucybody natasha with vtech and maitreya clothes and see how that works.
  3. looking around at flat chest mods for different mesh bodies, the vtech flat chest mod for maitreya is also the most supported clothes wise. slink and maitreya now have thier own flat chest mods but were later to the game than vtech. maitreya body with the vtech mod seems like the best option to switch between both females and femboys
  4. i love my male slink body, but was wondering which of the more popular bodies would be better for girls & possibly femboy avatars? i prefer bom enabled mesh over strictly omega. im not a fan of appliers. currently i use the lucybody selena for girl avatars but it doesnt have a lot of mesh clothes support, that was my first mesh body i got in sl. I got several female heads already, one from genus, logo, and the normie head.
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