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  1. If that were the case, a good percentage of SL would be in trouble. RPers post people who they RP ban and why in their profiles ALL the time. exactly this! that's why it was so confusing. Thanks for clearing that up
  2. thanks all for the reply, Well if it's a risk i'm willing to take it, but I'm not going to sit by and accept this. So far things have settled down I think it's very clear for me now thanks to all of the replies
  3. ty for your reply. I just wanted to know how serious this would been taken or that I worry for nothing.
  4. no I did not put into extreme detail what this person did, just because for me that's a case closed, It's been there in my profile for a while and just now I get these pm's. I'm just wondering how serious LL takes this if it is reported, as it's only the name but i'm not encourging people to attack this person or bully them.
  5. @Rowan Amore yes that's exactly what's been happening, I did not made any drama out of it just put the name in my limits that this person is not *alive* for me anymore. Nothing else or no explanation I added. it's right under my tab limits, but I've been bombared by apparently some friends of this person that they're going to report me as it is abusive behavior and harassment??? and aginast SL rules. I can't find that anywhere tbh. This person stole every single text of mine and just switched it a bit up, I didn't make a fuss about it but I did put the person under my limits...I was just wondering how serious LL takes this, ty for you explanation it really helped me to calm down.
  6. I've been many years in sl and never had any issue's considering being called out for harrassment. So I have a question over something I've put into my profile. I used the name of said certain person who had stolen orginal content of something I created to keep people aware that this person is stealing things. it's just a name not a full explanation, Now I get bombared with pm's to take said person's name out of my profile as it's considered against the rules. Or so the they say. My question is, is it? I see nothing of the sort back in the rules or anywhere on google and most of my friends also use names into their profile. I get threats to be reported if I don't so I am asking is, how serious should I take this? I'm not a bully I'm not a mean person but I do get threatened almost as if they like to do this, They won't leave me alone even when I said to do so. I've muted every single person as I'm not here for issue's I just want this person to stop stealing orginal content and make it's own. So I said if this person does I will. I'm a little bit confused to be honest, I never had any problems with this game until now, In my believe it's neither allowed to steal someone's content or even copy their profile, but I might be wrong If someone has the answer then I be grateful, ~x~
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