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  1. Girl, your avi is so beautiful. I'm currently pregnant in SL and it's weird just walking around and being alone. I'm so down to meet people and even do family stuff. I'm on pretty often so add me or IM me. ayeharmony23 Resident or Harmony Love.
  2. I'm always down to meet new people. Add @ayeharmony23 Resident or Harmony Love.
  3. Hey girl, add me on SL i'm ayeharmony23 resident (Harmony Love). I love meeting people. I do roleplay and stuff (im about to have a baby) but im always down to shop and hang out.
  4. Heyyy! I'm Harmony and I'm a dancer at the Pink Diamond. I'm super friendly and here to dance for you. My username is @ayeharmony23so add me and join the club to see me take off my clothes and dance!
  5. I heard that Slink was a good starter body so I got that so I just figure out what I am doing first.
  6. thank you guys. I have a slink body for right now and a genius head. I'm slowly figuring it out. thank youuuuu
  7. pictures of me for reference
  8. I've been on Second Life for a little bit, but I am really struggling with the avatar customization. I just need some help creating the look I am going for. I'm trying to make my avatar look like me but better if that makes sense.
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