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  1. I was just there 2 days ago.. yah there were 5 or so others on the sim. I'm Florida EST (SLT +3) timezone.. so no idea what is active times, but late evening wasnt totally empty..
  2. Just as another perspective on this error message... [18:29] Your chat is blocked in this region. You and your scripts or objects will not be able to send chat until fewer messages are sent. My local was being bombarded with script errors that were coming so fast they were like the other message that says.. "Items coming in to fast, notices will be disabled until fewer items are received"... when you are receiving purchased items sometimes. So anyways. The local chat showed nothing until I tried to speak(type) and every keystroke was met with the 'chat blocked' message. I did all the usual suggestions. Dropped all the Avi parts, went back to Ruth, deleted everything acquired since the issue started..eventually we called our Region Agent, (I and my partner have a full SIM island Region) and we asked them to restart which they did and it did nothing. While she was there helping she killed all scripts..as a test for 30 min. I was fixed!!! Then she restarted the land scripts and instantly I was chat blocked again.. so at that point we knew it was a broken object script. Well we have an EDM nightclub that is themed as an underground Streetracer Nightlife type thing and so I have numerous Exotics, Tunercars and Musclecars, all rezzed all over the track which is full SIM. We learned through this whole ordeal that cars and bikes, and well... jets, spaceships helicopters, VTOLs... and all vehicles honestly.. aren't the best to endure long term 'rezz and sit, and not use'. SIM restarts and crashes and all the other common SL events are hard on a vehicle with 65 to 100 scripts each and 65 to 100 prim each. We removed over 25 cars and bikes and found many had broken scripts and were completely non functional.. one was blasting local as a visitor had left with a HUD attached and it was telling me, the owner... essentially.. HELP! The moment I 'took' all the cars and re-rezzed each..I was instantly restored local chat and all the cars scripts had reset on a fresh rezz. So.. long story short, this error is absolutely a script break and it's an item that isn't happy. Start with script heavy items that are not meant to be long term like a home, such as cars and planes.. and take them to inventory, and see which one is your culprit. I spent days in scripts and debugging screens and learning all the ways SL works.. learn form my trial.. Hope this helps someone.. Feel free to IM me 'in-world' if you have any other thoughts.. I'm happy to help.. *hugs* SarahLexxia Resident
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