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  1. I have the genus classic head and received a cute eye gift which used an applier to add the different colors on top of the genus eyes. I recent got a new pair of eyes which i just add on if i want to wear them.

    Ive tried lots of things to remove the gift eye layer from my genus eyes but they just wont come off. I turned to removing the genus eyes completely and just wearing my new ones but now whenever my avatar looks around the sclera of the new eyes are red. Would really appreciate help on either or both of these issues. Thank you in advance

  2. Currently looking for employment :) 

    Friendly personality and quick learner with a flexible schedule.

    Experienced with emoting and roleplaying.

    Is over 18 (payment info used) and account is over 30 days old.

    Open to any employment suggestions! If you think i am a fit i would love to apply ❤️ 

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