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  1. thank you! very interesting ways to go about it ill keep it in mind
  2. This was very helpful!! thank you so much for the extra tips ❤️ very much appreciate it
  3. ahhh ok thanks for clarifying this
  4. ah thank you so much for your response so basically leave a healthy amount of Lindens in my SL account to avoid getting a direct charge into my bank account sounds easy enough ooooo i understand now thank u! thank u
  5. Hello im still fairly new to the game and i apologize in advance if this has been asked already but i submitted a ticket and they must be either very busy or simply ignoring either way I just bought more land to expand the land i own on the mainland (i was lucky enough that the land was right next to my already owned land and i can join it together, once i figure out how to do this) the questions i have are when do i start getting billed for this? i know "rent" will be due every month as now that i'm well over my premium of allotted land i gotta pay after expanding but i am wondering how the billing works does it come right out of my registered saved card on here like auto-pay? and if so is there a way to shut that off and just pay whenever i get the chance before bill is due of course also can i just pay in advance?? maybe a few months or is it possible to pay out a whole year kinda like when i got premium im also scared of what would happened if i were to be late on a payment? or forget to pay?? would there be a penalty like extra fees?? or worse could i lose my land be "locked-out" if anyone has some answers for me id really appreciate it!! thanks
  6. oh im pretty sure u can see that how SL "works" and how people "choose" to relay that information are two totally different things that i was unhappy about if some of these "messengers" here were a little bit more kind and helpful with helping me learn and understand how this stuff comes to be instead of blatantly attacking me for no reason then there wouldn't have been any lash back on on my behalf i simply give back what is being given to me.. oh and i do thank you so much for the leads toward the places that can help me learn ❤️ looking forward to that greatly
  7. there u go again judging my character and personality when lady you dont even KNOW ME so ima have to ask you to please leave my topic if this is all you gonna do i asked for HELP HERE this is what the forums are FOR am i correct??? thus sending me to another site is completely unnecessary when i can get answers here if people weren't so stuck on attacking NEW PEOPLE p.s and well if they are anything LIKE U and a few on here stuck up on ASSUMING, JUDGING and being plain HATEFUL then i suppose not but like i stated earlier "common decency" sending a message COMMUNICATION introduction and getting to know your neighbors while they are out there attempting to build would of gone long ways I UNDERSTAND THIS GOES BOTH WAYS but like i already said I FAILED TO SEE THE ISSUE or that there was even one until THEY MADE THE CHOICE To make it hard on ME not the other way around when its taken a lot to learn this stuff also ON MY PROFILE I STATE WHERE I CAME FROM ANOTHER VIRTUAL LAND and that im new here but if that wouldnt suffice then idk man seeing me struggle and my fails on there at how id been building should of been enough to tell im new tbh
  8. umm Are your READING CAPABILITIES FLAWED or is the concept just too hard to UNDERSTAND that it just went right over your head??? that IM NEW TO BUILDING I DINT WANT TO or EVEN MEAN to ENCROACH upon ANYONE! thus the "ISSUE" THEY CLEARLY SEEN WAS COMPLETELY -ONE SIDED- since i had no idea i done anything wrong when i assumed they vacated the land i kept going about my business and they REPLICATED IN SUCH A RUDE FASHION When they are the VETERANS and im only just learning!!! so i have ALL MY RIGHT TO BE the offended and UPSET one when this could of gone a different way HAD "THE VET" Been the BIGGER PERSON and helped out a newbie that dint know what they were doing any wrong with few misplaced objects that now thanks to some nice people here IM being the bigger person and FIXING IT instead of going back and forth with this rude ass neighbor
  9. yessss i see now created awee ive just created my first prim! lol now i feel like a REAL Builder ive been buying EVERYHTING from floors to walls and rails... i was almost positive there had to be a tool like this somewhere! this little guy can deff save me some money! i think i can even texture it, shape it and stuffs personalize it ect THANK YOU!! cant thank u enough im super exited for this ^.^ im the creative type so this helps so much!! xooxoxoxo
  10. I just logged on and i think i deff fixed the issue cause everything was were i left it i bought the boundary tracer tool from the market and it has helped tremendously
  11. oh yess yess i heard about this for when you build things up in the air! it comes very handy but idk how to make a prim.. i just started building like a week ago is this something you buy?
  12. AWESOME!! thank you so very much this really helps and yesss i believe i have seen the highlight tool you speak off and wasnt sure what it did much appreciate it Im so glad not everyone on here is out to attack me when im trying to fix this thanks for helping out a newb !!!
  13. umm okay? and IM GLAD IM NOT YOURS but how is this in anyway helpful??? can you take your negativity elsewhere please and GTFO my post dont let door hit you on way out! -smh-
  14. a point?? when i'm CLEARLY asking for help and i get SARCASM instead?? you people need check yourself seriously i understand THAT thats why I Went ahead and did the EXACT same except when I DID it they decided to go invisible and it made me think there was no one there so i kept building near the borders too and OMG thank you! for the sidenote now this is on point as IM NEW TO BUILDING ON This platform so these kinda hints really help! is there anyway to tell the outline of the bounding box when i rez things along the border?? i think i fixed the issue now but id love to make sure its dealt with correctly ty for trying to help!
  15. im glad u mention it cause well honestly the only reason i build myself a wall around me was cause THEY Had a huge building closed off floating in the middle of the ocean too close to my boundary lol that dint make much sense or was pretty to look at tbh but then its suddenly "disappeared" hmm i wonder if they blocked me?? cause i cant no longer see their build or ban lines and thats what made me think they were gone so i started building more confidently closer to the border and boom got hit with this lmao is there any way to block them back from viewing MY Land?? like how do you go about that cause its clear we already on the wrong foot of the start of this neighbor relations aspect
  16. i guess good for them but highly inconvenient for the one building i must say whole structure just gone cause one tiny bit strayed? and majority is on my land lmao just crazy but i really do appreciate u helping me try and toggle my borders much appreciate it
  17. Message from Second Life: Your object 'Rock wall corner with waterfall' has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by (blank) Resident from parcel ('MY LAND') at Catupiry 97, 94 due to parcel owner return Ok first off im new to building here BUT im pretty sure there could of been a better way to handle this how is this even allowed??? majority of IT WAS ON MY LAND maybe a tiny bit poked thru the boundary ive been trying really hard to not go over the borders and these neighbors have made it super hard to build along that side of my structure thus my following questions and i really need some help! can someone just pick up an object of YOURS and TOSS IT BACK at you even if only a little bit of it was on their side??? like done here and if so as i imagine its possible seeing it got done to me here with multiple objects not just this and second so i dont go over the boundary line i used to be able to see the line when i build idk what prompted the neighbors but they suddenly have "disappeared" from view and its made my job even harder to figure out what could possibly be accidentally to close to their boundary that it suddenly overlap giving them the right to just pick up the WHOLE THING and yeeet it back at me seeing as this can get very frustrating QUICK rebuilding over and over again can i please get some guidance on how i can see my boundary lines OR BETTER YET put up that wall people talk about with the yellow lines that look like a cage lmao idk if that be the way to go but one my other neighbors on the other side has it and its been extremely helpful to see where im building there i wish these people could of just PRIVATE MESSAGE me about the "issue" if they had one so i could have had a chance to move over my build instead of having to start over but looks like common decency has escaped a lot of people.. looks like today ill be forced to keep rebuilding thanks to anyone that helps give me ideas i will really appreciate it
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