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  1. Well, like I said, I got myself a different house and no music. There must have been something broken in that other Linden Home. As I said before, when I opened up the "Sounds" tab on "About Land" the "Music URL" box was blank and grayed out. There was no URL and I couldn't add one of my own. But somehow, music was being streamed into the house. I've already added a couple of sources into the "Music URL" box in my new house and they work fine. I'll probably shop around for one of those stereo units that perform the same function but are more convenient to use with clicks on a menu. Thanks for everyone's help!
  2. Okay, a couple of things... The music is in the build of the house. The minute I step off the build, the music stops. When I am on the land outside, I click on "About Land" and the "Music URL" box under the Sound tab is blank. And since this is Linden land, I cannot change anything in that box--the box is grayed out. Matthieu Quander, I greatly appreciate your detailed answer but I didn't encounter this is the previous Linden Home I had. And I have a hard time believing that the Lindens would force a music stream into their homes that can't be changed. Since I haven't done any real work on this house yet, I'm going to leave it and switch to another Linden Home and see what happens there. I'll let you all know what I find out. Thanks!
  3. Hiya! I just moved into my new Linden Home this week. I haven't added a stick of furniture except for a pose stand. Tonight I was at a club, so I had the music turned on. When I teleported back home, there was music playing. I thought that it was a neighbor (I've already had to mute a constantly playing piano.) But the music is actually confined to my house. The minute I step off the porch, the music stops. I step back onto the porch, the music starts again. I can find nothing in the Firestorm Preferences. The only way I can turn it off is to shut off streaming music. Ive had other Linden Homes and this is the first time Ive had this problem. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hiya! I wanted to say thank you all for the help and encouragement with the slider surgery. I think it was a success. This is the before pic: <a href="https://imgur.com/RZTHyQQ"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/RZTHyQQ.jpg" title="Dean pre-surgery" /></a> and this is the after: <a href="https://imgur.com/5ulhsJ9"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/5ulhsJ9.jpg" title="Dean post nose job" /></a> Still some work to be done but that should be just with playing with the LeLutka HUD. Thanks again, ladies!
  5. Hiya! I’m a longtime SL player, playing for a year or two then leaving for a bit. The last time I had myself a Signature Gianni body and head and life was simple. I just put them on and used the included shapes and skins and that was that. Now coming back into SL (with a new account—don’t ask 🙄), I bought another Gianni body but wanted a more interesting head. So after about two weeks of trying on tons of demos, and cross trying the head demos with tons of skins, I found a combo that appealed to me. I’ll have my Gianni body with the LeLutka Skyler head and “Joe” skin/shape from Not Found. But as much as I like what I have, there’s a few things I wish I could fix. When I add the “Joe” shape two things happen. The first is that the nose becomes small and pert which is a change from the LeLutka Skyler shape nose, which is nicely full. Second, the legs become unrealistically long, again, a change from the realistic proportions of the LeLutka head shape. But I like everything else that the Not Found “Joe” shape does for my looks. So my question is can I open up Change Appearance while wearing the LeLutka shape, note down how all the sliders are set for the nose, then apply those settings to the “Joe” shape? Same thing with the legs? I know I need to save a copy of the shape I would be changing, but is it really just that simple? All these years I’ve played in SL I have always been too freaked out about even touching the sliders because I was afraid of permanently screwing my avatar up. Sorry for being long winded here. I really would appreciate any help, opinions, etc. Thanks!
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