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  1. Markham, thank you SO MUCH! everybody has been so helpful, this forum is amazing. I think I know what I need to do now. Make my group private and get a bot to invite the renters. I don't think I want to sell the land, renting is where I am heading. I have come so far with the design and implementation of the private island - I know people will enjoy it, I just need to make it so that it pays for itself! 

    I really appreciate you taking the time to write that. The casperlet wiki is great but I find that it assumes that you already know so much. As a person who is new, you don't have that experience of having done it before so it is hard to test and figure out. I ended up creating a second avatar to try renting the property and see what happens which has been helpful. 

    Thanks again, your post was super helpful! 

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    Thanks RoxyCyn, that makes sense to me. I understand the limitations now and the need to manually manage the roles of the group members. Too bad there wasn't a way that only official renters could be added to the group role with rez capabilities automatically. It may be easier to just keep the main everyone role as rez and then check to make sure things aren't crazy, instead of people waiting to be added to the new role manually. Sometimes I take little breaks from SL due to my RL getting busy. I am sure most people renting from me would be respectful of the vibe of the island. I guess time will tell - I love creating atmospheres and environments but could do without this part - unfortunately without some money coming in I can't keep it going! SL is always such a learning journey! Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it. 

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  3. Prokofy thanks for your post: to answer your question it is a private island not on the mainland. What is your open source called? Maybe I should check it out. Can you explain what you meant by "To avoid having tenants queue up waiting for me to come online, I have join the group on demand and immediately get rez rights and set home rights to start building." Do you mean you just have a link to join the public group? If so, then can't anybody just join and start rezzing? 

    Does a bot really use up that much space and script time? 

    RoxyCyn: I am starting to understand the different roles now and think that could be a good solution, but when people join the group, do they pick their own roles or do I have to go in and set them for each member? I see the default is Everyone - so lets say I set up a new role for Residents - am I leaving it up to the "resident" to pick their role or do I have to go in and add that member to the resident role. 

    Thanks again for helping me! I am so appreciative. 

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  4. Thank you all so much for your helpful replies. A few questions still... if I set up a new role in the group specific to residents how are the active renters added to that role? Does it need to be done manually? Does the group then need to be private? I am not always on every day, so it would be hard for those who have to wait to be added to that role in the group... or do I need to get a bot to do that automatically? Will bots add tenants to specific group roles once they have paid? 

    Also - I don't see how CasperLet can do ownership-transfer, there are no instructions on that in their wiki. It is all about renting... I didn't even know there was a Caspertech user support group, but it sounds like that is where I need to ask some of these questions. I haven't had much luck hearing back from them directly with my questions. 

    I like the idea of selling the parcels, but I have created a mood on the region, I would hate for somebody to come in and put up something that blocks the views or ruins the vibe. I like that they can control the music, but I see there is an option for that in the group roles also. And I am not too worried about counting prims, like Sylvia mentioned the come with prim counters and also your can set the prim allowances in the back end of the rental. 

    Setting up the rentals has been so tough for me I almost gave up! But I have come so far with designing my island... I need to figure it out. I wish I could just pay somebody to do this part for me! 


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  5. Hi there, 

    I am really struggling getting the answer I need and thought maybe somebody can help me with more experience!

    I own a region. I have divided some areas into parcels. I am using the CasperLet renting system. The instructions say to create a group, deed the group to the parcel so thatonly members of the group can rent the land. 

    I have done all this, however I noticed that all members of the group can rez anywhere. How do I make it so that only renters can rez on their rented land and not all the members of the group? 

    What's the point of setting up the group if anybody in the group can rez anywhere? And I thought about removing object entry from group and everybody but then nobody can rez - AND the instructions from CasperLet say to check group only. 

    I must be missing something basic here in my understanding but can't seem to find the answers anywhere. Even the CasperLet wiki says you need a group, deed the group, but that is pretty much it. I don't see any instructions about how to set it up so only the renters can rez. I did send them an IT ticket but haven't heard back and it has been almost a week. 

    Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me! 


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