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  1. @SarahKB7 Koskinen @Rabid CheetahThank you very much for the responses. I will definitely take a look at the continents suggested. I'd been watching some youtube videos and reading up on SL land ownership, and based on your responses here I think I may have misunderstood a few things 🤪. I was under the impression that land was zoned for certain activities; residential, commercial, etc and that zoning also included agricultural/farming land. I thought that I would need to purchase land in a specific area(s) in order to build a farm (w/barns, animals, crops, etc.). It made sense, as I guessed t
  2. Hello forum, I'm very new to SL and looking for suggestions on best place to purchase farmland. I've been searching the land map and a few realty companies, and have located several plots for sale, but being new I have no idea of which areas would be best. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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