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  1. I know when you block someone in SL that person can still see you and what you say, but it just blocks you from seeing them. I assume that the same thing happens when you ignore someone in the forums. On Flickr I can't find any way to block people, which wouldnt really do much good anyway because people can just make a new account if the want to harass you. If you post to the forums from Flickr anyone on the forums who sees the post can get access to your Flickr just by clicking on the picture. Is there another site to post pictures from that offers more privacy, that people cant get on and post annoying things on your pictures?
  2. This happened to me as well, I discovered today someone I friended a day or two ago was not on my list.
  3. I suppose some people might think it is less hurtful to pretend you died than to tell people, "sorry I don't want to play with you anymore", but I think a person has to have something wrong with them to think that way.
  4. Hey I am new and dont have many friends yet, maybe we could hang out. I am not judgy either. Still trying to work out just what to make of SL right now.
  5. How is this defined? is it any content in SL, or only content created specifically by Linden Labs. Of course if it is limited to only content created by the lab, I would presume that content created bu others is subject to whatever rules the content creator wishes to impose.
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